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It's coming. Someday soon, it will happen. The government and media have hushed up the outbreaks, but word has still leaked out. We've heard whispers about strange plagues, random bite attacks, and the restless dead. There have been a few incidents in isolated rural areas, easily contained. A handful of urban incidents, with all of the eye witnesses mysteriously vanished. You have certainly heard about the terrorist attack in a small town in Arizona, where the terrorists detonated a nuclear bomb, but did you know this bomb was actually launched by an Air Force bomber? What could be so dangerous that the government would destroy thousands of it's own citizens as collateral damage?

Some of us have our eyes and ears open to the truth. We know what's really going on, and we know that someday soon, it will come. It has many names. Doomsday. Armageddon. Z-Day. The Zombie Apocalypse.

Are you prepared?

Not everyone has the time and resources to buy a mountaintop fortress stocked with three years worth of canned goods. In this instructable, I will show you how to assemble a small kit that can be carried with you at all times, and make you better prepared to survive the inevitable Zombie War.

***UPDATE 5/4/10:  As of now, if you post a picture of yourself done up in zombie garb and makeup in the comments section, I'll send you a DIY patch!  Make sure you're holding something with your user name on it, so I know it's really you!***

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Step 1: Gather items

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Here is the list of items you will need for your Zombie Survival kit:

1 Small multitool
1 Roll of dental floss
3 Sewing needles
1 Mini-Bic Lighter
30 Ibuprofen
14 Multivitamins
1 Tube antibiotic ointment
3 Firecrackers
9 1.5v button cells
12 Inches of sturdy copper wire
1 White Superbright LED
10 Caffeine pills
1 Cyanide capsule
1 List of instructions - more on this later

Put everything except the multitool in an altoids tin. It will just barely close, so tape it up with duct tape to finish the job. The multitool stays out of the tin, since you will certainly find it useful between now and Z-Day.
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qeppetto1 month ago
Zombies aren't real and their will never be a zombie apocalypse
depotdevoid (author)  qeppetto1 month ago

Pffft you'll find all the evidence you'll ever need here.

depotdevoid (author)  aflacpyro2674 years ago
awesome now I am prepared
depotdevoid (author)  JTapp095 months ago

Good luck!

JamesW37 months ago

Have a care for how these are packed as a shorted button cell can EXPOLDE or at the least get hot enough to burn skin.

TheCommander8 months ago
great ible and creatively written!
depotdevoid (author)  TheCommander8 months ago


its also useful as floss
depotdevoid (author)  DannytheGreat3 years ago
This is a solid point, about the last thing you want in the post Z-day wasteland is a toothache!
If i want a tooth brush, I could pick up a stick and make a scrubber. Save the floss
uniicorn2 years ago
I'm ready for 12/22/12!
five brains

effiesque2 years ago
Its a good idea to keep the pills separate, but you can get small craft baggies at most dollar stores (or even at craft stores) that will at least be much more reusable than foil! Besides, its more likely to be waterproof and you can reseal it..... If you're in a hurry, a pain pill could be a cyanide pill that escaped its foil bindings.... heaven help you, it may make the pain go away but its not what you intended when you scream MAKE IT STOP!

Just my two cents... Would be an epic gift for zombie enthusiasts i know.
5 Stars.
PS...... with plastic baggies, it would save space and more.... shapeable? you can make it conform easier....
Zombies dont exist
depotdevoid (author)  AluminumFoilMaster2 years ago
Oh yeah!? Well I think this link might prove you wrong!
aerinthaare5 years ago
on the subject of minor explosive devices, i know how to make dynamite. would that be helpful against zombies?
depotdevoid (author)  aerinthaare5 years ago
There is some debate about this. If an explosion is forceful enough, it will damage the brain and destroy the zombie. The problem comes if the explosion doesn't damage the zombie's brain, as any body parts still attached to the head will be just as functional as before. The other problem of course is the noise. A loud explosion like that will draw the undead from miles around, so unless you're using it as a localized distraction it may do more harm than good.
in small amounts, dynamite could make an affective firecracker. PLUS if you use a LONG fuse you could use it to make a huge distraction for zombies miles away, possibly emptying an entire city of zombies to one point you could also use dynamite to open up a cave for a later shelter
depotdevoid (author)  aerinthaare5 years ago
Those are all good points. You're definitely on the right track here, as improvisation and the ability think on your feet are more important than any supplies you could prepare.
I just say carry a little of both
if you want the receipe for Z-DAY i'll pm it to you.
dynamite is incredibly unstable, plastic explosives would be much better
cut a piece of my skin off, tape it on the fire cracker now they smell the flesh!
depotdevoid (author)  Atlas Portal 23 years ago
Clever, inventive, outside of the box . . . all good attributes for one to possess in a future hellscape filled with the walking dead!
yea played enough Zombie games to know thanks for this it is awesome I already feel safer when Z-Day comes
shabaki5 years ago
just tell me one thing ..just atleast answer me this   WHERE S O I GET THESE!?!?!?!? ...thank you for your time :D
depotdevoid (author)  shabaki5 years ago
Well, last time I checked you can get them at any pharmacy or truck stop.  Brand names are Vivarin and No-Doze.
I know this is really late to the party, but, it really depends where you live and who owns the pharmacy/truck stop.

For example, here in Canada they're legal and all that, usually beside the vitamins and what not, but the pharmacy beside my house refuses to carry them because the "head pharmacist" thinks they're too dangerous...but I've gotten them in plenty of other pharmacies of the same name.
neonbanana3 years ago
cool! but what a boute a small hand gun?
Nfulkman3 years ago
I realize this is really pushing the "pocket-sized" idea of the whole kit, but it's an invaluable resource. A self powered hand crank flashlight radio. I know you took into account a need for light and it would damn near fill your whole pocket, but it is the first thing on the list for my zombie survival guide
16kuokhc13 years ago
Can you fit in a tiny slingshot?
16kuokhc13 years ago
Reanimating someone can be a dream at first....... UNTIL YOU'VE MADE A ZOMBIE! (their soul should be in heaven)
you should also make a back pack sized one
So true. Fit in loads of weapons. Very useful
whats the cyanide for
making sure after a bite, you or someone else dosen't turn into a zombie (but just dies because zombies ALTER life, not CREATES life. Only G-D can do that.)
this is my new account, and i thought it was for killing urr self if it got too bad
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