Step 16: Mental Preparedness

Picture of Mental Preparedness
No pocket sized packet of tools will help you if you cannot think on your feet and improvise. You cannot fit an effective weapon against the undead such as an AK-47 or a good, solid baseball bat in your pocket. You must also be mentally prepared to deal with the horror of your friends, family, and neighbors rising from the dead, intent on feasting upon your flesh.

You must be conscious and aware of the one most effective weapon against the undead horde, the one thing that you have and they don't--your brain.

With your brain you can turn a lamp into a bludgeon, a couch into a barricade, a rock into a hammer, or a bookshelf into a pile of boards and screws to secure an entrance. The living dead don't have this ability. All they have is superior numbers, a total lack of fatigue, and their insatiable hunger.

When the dead walk, nothing can completely prepare you for the shock of seeing your beloved wife or best friend covered in blood and shambling towards you, arms outstretched, their black and rotting lips pulled back from their teeth as the horrible moan issues from their dead lungs. The only advice I can give you for this situation is to be aware that once they are risen, though they may look like someone you knew, that person is gone and all that remains is a terrible creature that must be stopped! Don't let fond memories sway you. Simply destroy this simulacrum of your loved one and mourn them later, as they are already dead.
you should also make a back pack sized one
So true. Fit in loads of weapons. Very useful