Step 3: Dental floss

Picture of Dental floss
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Use floss, not tape. It is made from woven threads and is much more sturdy than the plastic tape. Dental floss is another very useful and versatile item that can be used for a variety of purposes:

- Suture
- Sewing together ripped clothing (this could be important if you're caught outdoors in bad weather)
- Tying a rock to the end of a stick (for a simple hammer or club)
- Tourniquet

Sutures and tourniquets would obviously be for normal wounds, not bite wounds. If you've been bitten by a Zombie, you have a much more serious problem on your hands.

Wrap the dental floss around the lighter, and secure it with a piece of medical tape.
its also useful as floss
Furloy5 years ago
 dont leave home without duct tape!