Dudes, it’s time to add pockets to your tie. Ladies, it’s time to add a tie or two to your wardrobe. You can see the full tutorial on one page as well as find more fun and easy DIYs here.

Step 1: Materials

- tie
- small piece of fabric (for the pockets)
- needle and thread
- sewing pins
- snap button
- optional: sewing machine
great idea and great photo! <br>
love the ideas.. keep it going ;)
This is fantastic! Makes me want to go out and buy a tie! I still have my Dad's tie collection so making one out of his will be very sentimental. Thanks for dreaming us a wonderful idea! <br>
That is pretty awesome! &nbsp;Since it is your first Instructable, you should mention it on the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rewards-for-New-Authors/">Rewards for New Authors</a> page!
Clever lady--sewing the pocket to the interfacing is brilliant! And, I can see having a regular wardrobe of tie/pockets to go with various outfits. A simple, creative solution to a common problem--and one which just might thwart a mugger, to boot.
So, who's the gorgeous girl then?
Well she is Brit - the author. Click on the bit which says : <br> <br>Author:BritCo(Brit + Co.) <br> <br> <br>And you will see her profile including a link to her web site.
I just did................thanks. <br>She really is an amazing girl.
Great job...really like the snap to keep it closed as well. Will be making this for sure, thanks for the idea!
I wear a lot of ties. So this is cool.. Thanks Brit..
Absolutely brilliant.
Amazing!!!!! I love it!!!
awesome! great instructable!
Nice idea! I chose not to include a phone pouch with <a href="http://dollarstorecrafts.com/2011/04/man-crafts-tie-storage-pockets/">mine </a>as too much loading and swinging felt heavy after wearing all day.
Love the addition of the card pocket - very smart. :D

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