Control cyborg technology and revolutionize your PowerPoint presentations - build a wearable mouse!

So you converted some video glasses to a heads-up display glass. You built a wearable Raspberry Pi, pcDuino, or BeagleBone Black. Now, how do you control your cybernetic augmentations? You make a wearable mouse, of course!

The Point Shooter turns your hand into a mouse. Draw your gun gesture to activate, aim your hand to move the cursor, and pull the trigger to click. BANG!

The Point Shooter doesn't need drivers, is easy to build, and uses about $40 worth of common hardware-hacker staples you might already have. It's seriously badass and surprisingly usable.

Step 1: Equip Yourself!

Parts and Supplies:
- 1 Teensy 3.0
- 1 Wii Nunchuk
- 1 strip Swiss machined headers (female)
- 1 strip Swiss machined pins (male)
- 1 phenolic Veroboard, at least 4"x6"
- 1 Altoids Tiny Tin, any flavor
- 2 4.7kΩ resistors
- 2 ordinary tactile switches (pushbuttons)
- 1 12mm tactile switch.
- 2 Velcro cable ties, plus more to fit
- 2" of 0.5"-diameter heatshrink
- 2" of 1.5"-diameter heatshrink
- 10ft 26 AWG wire. Stranded is better, but solid works fine.
- 1 Micro-USB cable, 5' or longer
- Hot glue gun with sticks
- Soldering iron with solder
- Optional: Primer, paint

- You could try a knockoff Wii Nunchuk, but size is important here and it may not fit.
- You can substitute an ordinary button for the 12mm button, but your mouse will be harder to use.
- Don't substitute standard headers for the Swiss machined ones. The board won't fit in the case!
- If you can't find 1.5" heatshrink, electrical tape will work but the finished project will be sloppier. Harbor Freight sells it as part of a set.

Special Tools:
- Tri-wing screwdriver
- Flush-cut pliers
- Dremel with drills, cutoff wheel, flapwheel, sanding drum
- Heat gun
- Needle file set

If the Altoids tin still contains Altoids, this would be a perfect time to eat them.
Thats so crazy that a man can build this :-D It's the best tutorial ever!!!! But i cant build that mouse, because I'm 14 :(
<p>your age shouldn't hold you back unless your parents don't trust you with a soldering iron or you din't have the money/resources.</p>
<p>Money and resources.The reason I have yet to make anything. D;</p>
A woman can build this too!
*finton imagines zack and himself in a room full of women just after zack says this*<br> *finton backs slowly out of the room then runs for the ambulance*<br> *finton is too late and zack is now not the man he used to be*<br> :]
&uml;his is a little complicated for a first project. Try just connecting the Nunchuck to the Teensy, then getting it to move the mouse. The project cost just $35 or so, not bad for your allowance.
your age doesn't limit what you can make, I would totally make this when I was 14 and just starting out with arduino.
if you say &quot;i can't,, then you can't...
<p>could I rework this with a teensy 2.0 and the wire.h library</p><p> Or is that a whole not her thing</p>
No. The Wire library lets you use the I2C protocol, but this trackpad uses the PS/2 protocol.
<p>Hey I really enjoy this guide! The beginning could not have described what I was looking for any better. I was wondering though if I had a teensy 2.0 how would the change the pin connections for the wiichuck piece? would I have to change anything in the code? I would add that I am still very new to this stuff :P</p>
<p> if I swapped in a wireless transmitter, to go to a computer through a connected flash drive, I'd have to write different code correct?</p>
<p>I am really confused on how to make it so if you could please help me.</p><p>I couldn't arrange for a Teensy 3.0 since it is not available around here. I bought a Nano 3.0</p><p>But I have no idea which wire goes where and even the circuit diagram on your page was not clear enough for a first timer :|</p><p>Thirdly the program you wrote in Mac OS and my computer is not reading it :s nor do I know where to place the code</p>
Has anyone ever told you how much you look like Robert Downey Jr?
I get told I look like Sergey Brin pretty often, but you're the first Tony Stark.
I maybe missing something small, but I'm having problems with the code. An error message keeps coming up when I compile stating that &quot;Mouse&quot; is only supported in the Arduino Leonardo, even after I've installed the Teensy software. Any ideas as to what I'm doing wrong? Thanks much!
I'd like you to try changing the Board and USB Type, then replying back here to let me know what happened.<br><br>First, in Arduino's menu, click Tools --&gt; Board --&gt; Teensy 3.0 (or 3.1 if you're using that instead).<br><br>Then, in Arduino's menu, hit Tools --&gt; USB Type --&gt; Serial + Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick.<br><br>Try uploading again and comment whether it works or fails.
can you state the function about this point shooter cyborg mouse easily? i can't understand well..
wow very creative!
You may have spilled something on your keyboard, you repeated a letter or two
Oh, how cool! Awesome project, and a very well-written procedure.
Thanks man! Congratulations for being my first comment EVER!
Video please!!!!!
Use your&nbsp;<em>imaaaaaagination!</em>
Just amazing. epic tutorial. But... I'm a newbie at things like this, I mean electronic construction and programing. How do you upload a code to a microscheme (or something like that..)? Please reply to my mail: kveseliux@gmail.com . Thank you very much. Amazing tutorial! :D
I spent half an hour Googling, and I can't figure out what a Microscheme is. Care to describe?<br><br>Also, putting your email address on the Internet is a bad idea, you'll get spammed a lot.
its crazy and clever thancs for the presentattion <br>just a silly question. Can be used like any mouse also in gaming?
Your computer thinks this is just another mouse. You could definitely use it in gaming. It's a lot of fun for first-person shooters!
Kudos. This is pretty cool but the next obvious step is to add a battery and bluetooth communication.
You'll find it straightforward to do that. Build my design, except add in a HID-compatible Bluetooth chip like the Bluegiga WT32 and a LiPo-compatible boost converter. Let me know how it goes!
There are lots of FINGER MICE already out there: <br> <br>http://www.acckomputer.com/155-347-thickbox/usb-finger-mouse.jpg <br> <br>Search eBay/Google for &quot;Finger Mouse&quot;. <br> <br>Not sure about their &quot;range&quot; though.
Mine's cooler.
I was thinking about a device for when Google Glass comes out that would allow you text by writing the letters in the air using tilt meters and accelerometers to recognise the characters being written. Do you think this could be modified for that?
When I first designed the Point Shooter, I intended to do that. I'd recommend adding a gyroscope and trying to crunch the raw motion data directly into gestures, without first trying to calculate displacements (motions). The first is just intensely difficult, the second is virtually impossible.

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