"The Point" Wrap


Introduction: "The Point" Wrap

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This wrap was created "out of the blue" because I wanted to work with some color-shaded Lion Brand Homespun in an easy piece. Color "Nouveau" worked on a size N hook turned out to be the perfect choice for this easy-to-make wrap. I had been designing and making some triangular kerchiefs for summer wear, and decided to use the same stitch pattern in thicker yarn on a larger hook, thinking the pattern would make a nice shawl. Partway through I changed my idea into the "part triangle-part rectangle" design, resulting in this unique "counterpoint" piece. Wrap measures approx. 21" wide x 57" long, and can be worn loosely wrapped, draping over the arms as shown, or tied at the front with chain-stitch ties. Soft, comfy and beautiful to wrap up in!  Free pattern here



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    Thanks to the lovely soft-shading yarn, it drapes beautifully and is so easy to make! I appreciate the commments.

    This looks very warm! All it needs is a matching bag with a triangle flap!

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    Cool idea for a warm piece. Thanks!

    I use Homespun alot and love the patterns that it makes just by using it. Very nice and looks easy. Adding the triangle meant that you did not have to add fringe which homespun does not easily do, it ravels way too much. Good choice.

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    Thank you -- Yes, the triangle accent gave me the idea for the title of this wrap!

    The triangle is a great addition to a what would have been an average wrap. Do you have a pattern you would share?

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    Not available yet, but will see what happens at the conclusiong of the contest. Thank you!


    Thank you. So do I!

    Very nice, my mother would like this a lot!