The pointless switch. This switch is actually rather pointless, however, it is extremely hard to ignore if you see it. The temptation to flick the switch is very high. The feeling of not knowing what the switch does, and not knowing whether the word 'pointless' is there to make you flick it is just unbearable. Until you finally crack and flick it.

This can be modified to so many possibilities. Like making a new case, the switch, making the switch into a button, ect.

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Step 1: Cutting the Wire

In this step we will cut the wire of the switch. Follow the steps.
  1. Get an old appliance with a flick switch, dolnt use anything expensive unless it is broken.
  2. Grab some pliers or wire cutters.
  3. Get an small-ish box.
  4. Lay the wire/switch out like so
  5. Cut the wire on either side of the switch so all you have left IS the switch.

Reminds me of an episode of friends, I think it is a great idea, but I have two suggestions.<br><br><br><br>Buying a nice big toggle switch would give it a very nice feel, people might switch it a few times if the switch has got a nice 'heft' behind it.<br><br><br><br>Also, it might be nice to give it a slightly sturdier box, I case see that the thin cardboard box might feel a little flimsy, Mounting said switch on a wall might be a nice addition also.<br><br><br><br>I know those suggestions basically mean you would make a new improved version, if you do them however, be sure to let me know.<br><br><br><br>If not, I may take on doing my own version, if that is ok with you?
<sub>(ps sorry for the crazy formatting of my comment, it would seem HQ made some changes since I last commented.)</sub>
I don't really have intentions on making another one of these, this was just a little thing i wanted to do, lol.<br> <br> Sure, go ahead, i'll be honest, I'm sure your's will be a bit better than mine =P<br> <br> Good luck! =)
&quot;I don't really have intentions on making another one of these&quot;
Shhh :-P
lol u should make a small hole the size of a knex rod and put a gun in there so when they flick it, it shoots them 5*
There are 2 types of people in this world... :D
That completely destroys the point of it being a pointless switch
only if u tell them it shoots but of course it would be a one time thing
Yeah but if you make it shoot, its a switch that shoots not a pointless switch<br>
you my friend are even more anoying that the &quot;Anoying rottenegg trick&quot;
Im just sayin
Well stop say ING. not in.
You are using bad gramer so i said ING in sayin <br>I am home schooled and I know to not use bad grammer. I would bet that you are public schooled!
Theres nothing wrong with public schools. plus i'm from a small town, everyone here works for a living and have no time to stay at home and teach. <br><br>
You don't even know how to spell <em>grammar. </em>Fail.<br><br>Who's talking?<br>
Good job digging graves bud.
Further more, you don't get any life lessons at home school. IE. dealing with a bully, meeting new people, school dances and so on and so forth. Also as that one guy up ahead said, no physical education in home school. By the time high school comes around for you you'll probably (hopefully) think differently.<br><br>Have a nice life.
You don't even know how to spell <em>grammar. </em>Fail.<br> Who's talking?<br>
I'm home schooled, and I can't stand bad grammar on websites either!
I love being home schooled! <br>Lol.
Me too! It beasts public school!
Way beats public school lol! No bullys, no home work, little time, lots of effort ,dosen't last long, and more time off!!!!!
no bullies, homework of freinds!
Public school isn't that bad. I go to a high school which I like very much now. And as for your &quot;No home work&quot; point, you're basically doing ALL of your school work at home if you're homeschooled. So you do get homework.
but at the same time in public schools you get to see your friends, do PE( dont know if you do pe at home???), theres not many bullys, you get out more, if you dont like walking to far you cant cycle or take the bus, cooked dinners, free except for uniform bag equipment pe kit bus ticket and lunch monney, and many more... i dont want to start a masssive argument but it would get boring one your own all day.
I take that long, and do not have home work! and I like doing my school not because its the type of school but I like taking time to learn it when I am at home with family. <br>My ma teaches me Piano (for free) And that helps motivate my brain. Oh and I GET to do piano not haft to.
a friend of my mum who lives down my road does piano lessons for only 3.00 a hour lesson(yes i have a piano at home but all i can play is the simpsons theme tune). i only get lots of home work at the start of the year and thats only 1 piece every day not including weekends. i motivate my brain by thinking of what im trying to build lately.
Yeah one of my days takes like 2 1/2 hours it rocks!<br><br>I have homework though.
fine u win
yes but hes saying instead of it being a pointless switch its an annoying switch.
That just makes it a prank switch.
You should get a recording module and wire it up with a speaker in the back so that when the switch is flicked, it's you screaming &quot;WHY DID YOU FLIP THE SWITCH?!?!?!? TURN IT OFF NOW!!!!!!&quot;
I saw this and thought of the proverbial &quot;do not press&quot; button
why not wire the switch to a light that can be seen outside the person's cube, but not by them. then if they switch it on the sly, everyone else will know.
this is funny<br>
Very Zen.
it would be funny if you got the mech from a shock pen and put it in the button
LETS JUST PUT IT THIS WAY, It's point is to have no point.
IT'S JUST POINTLESS MAN!!!! (but that's the point, but then that makes it not pointless...)
u make no since
The purpose of that switch is to have no point. But then that cancels out the &quot;pointless&quot; in it, so it actually has a point.It's &quot;pointless&quot; feature makes it have a point. The point is, it has a point, and it's not pointless. Makes less sense yeah?
This, my good friend, could be a very effective torture divice. Stick someone in a room eith it, and see how long they can go without switching it. Then when they do, you can do two things:<br> 1.) make some flash powder go off.&nbsp; There's an instructable on that, somewhere.<br> 2.) Make it spray knockout gas, take them to the middle of nowhere (or a place of your choosing), and leave them there.&nbsp; They will then wonder how they got there.&nbsp; Optional:&nbsp; Only give them duct tape, paracord, and a car with a mile's worth of gas in it.&nbsp; Mount hidden video camera that runs off of car battery so you can see everything.
lol you should attatch somthing that elitricutes(dont know how to spell it) someone when they flick the switch!!
you should put i tiny hole to small to see, or hook it to somewhere else in the room, then make it shoot silly string, and then put a DONT PRESS THE BUTTON sign on it.
Awesome, 5.0

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