Once upon a time somewhere in suburbia there were two avid gardeners Lucy and Susie. They loved to garden and seeing as they were mother and daughter shared plants and gardening secrets all the time. All was going well in suburbia  until Susie decided to visit her mother's house to get ahydrangea Lucy had rooted. So off she went. On her way Susie discovered that she had forgotten to bring any plant pots. Now to travel anywhere without the essentials of her hobby was a cardinal sin, but Susie was smart in the ways of the planted shrubbery so upon arriving at Lucy's house and having explained her situation Susie did this. ...

Step 1: The Materials

with the help of her mother Lucy, Susie managed to rustle up the following items from various common places around Lucy's house.

Susie found.....

1. a  two liter pop bottle rinsed out thoroughly with plain tap water no soap

2. a large clean coffee filter

3. a sharpie or other such permanent writing utensil (optional)

4. a pocket knife or other such cutting instrument 
This is a great example of a SIP (sub-irrigated planter). Usually SIPs channel water through capillary action alone, but you've found a way to use transpiration as well. Great job!<br>

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