Introduction: The Porta-Pault Water Baloon Launcher (update!)

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          This is my entry for the launch it Contest! Me and my Brother (Macky D on instructables), had our own launch it contest to get us motivated to make something for this contest.  I eventually won by over doing it. Through all experiments and changes, the final design is what you see on your monitor.

          The final design shoots a golf ball sized water baloon 120 feet. I can't wait to shoot things like rocks, tennis balls, and much more. In the comments, put what you think it could shoot. I am not really sure how high it shoots, for I have nothing to measure it aginst. Photos attached show how far it shoots.





patriots8888 (author)2011-07-08

Awesome! When it comes time i will vote for this in the launch it contest!

sorry i meant watersports contest i was looking at the wrong one

its in both. and the toy contest. and the krylon contest.

You can also see the instructable for this on my profile. Thanks for your vote!

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