Introduction: The Porta-Pault Water Baloon Launcher (update!)

          This is my entry for the launch it Contest! Me and my Brother (Macky D on instructables), had our own launch it contest to get us motivated to make something for this contest.  I eventually won by over doing it. Through all experiments and changes, the final design is what you see on your monitor.

          The final design shoots a golf ball sized water baloon 120 feet. I can't wait to shoot things like rocks, tennis balls, and much more. In the comments, put what you think it could shoot. I am not really sure how high it shoots, for I have nothing to measure it aginst. Photos attached show how far it shoots.





patriots8888 made it! (author)2011-07-08

Awesome! When it comes time i will vote for this in the launch it contest!

patriots8888 made it! (author)patriots88882011-07-08

sorry i meant watersports contest i was looking at the wrong one

That One Eegit made it! (author)That One Eegit2011-07-10

its in both. and the toy contest. and the krylon contest.

That One Eegit made it! (author)That One Eegit2011-07-08

You can also see the instructable for this on my profile. Thanks for your vote!

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