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Introduction: The "Portable Magic" Camp Stove

If you want to go camping with Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, you'll probably need something to cook up some grub. Luckily, I have a perfect stove that is guaranteed to "unleash the magic" of camping. This stove is 6.5 cm in diameter and is about 4.5 inches tall. I got this idea from a youtuber named "Jay West" who I have contacted and he let me post this on instructables. Link and video instructions will be at the end.

*Ghost stories are highly recommended, just don't let the headless horse catch you*

Step 1: Materials to Make the Stove

You will need:

Two 7.5oz cans of coke (or pepsi or even Pinkie's punch).

A razor

A little bit of scrap wood

A hacksaw (if wood needs to be cut)

Duct tape

A ruler

JB weld (you can get at walmart for five dollars :D)

hammer and small nail

needle nose syringe (for fueling; ill put a vid showing how to load it)

*NOTE: I was tired when I took the pics, so if I miss any pics or if my directions seem confusing, there is a video at the end to skip back to.

Step 2: Making the Jig to Score the Can

Before we start, I'll show you a way to make scoring about 20% easier.

Take some scrap wood and make sure one is three cm thick, one is 4 cm thick, and one is two cm thick. Use a wood saw or a rotary saw to cut the pieces if you don't have the heights (this isn't meant to be fancy; use some simple sandpaper to make it smooth. Wood stain is UNNECESSARY). You don't even have to cut it if you don't want to; just make it comfortable to use. Heck, you could probably even use a book, but I had scrap wood, so why not?

If you used your wood cutting solution, use some wood clue or even duct tape (all you will be doing is using it as a platform for a little razor) to hold the wood so one piece is one cm thick, one is three cm thick, one is two cm thick, and one is four cm thick. Also, make sure this thing is pretty stable because you want the score to be as straight as possible.

If you have pieces of wood the same thickness as I specified above (make sure they are nice and flat), then just use sandpaper to smooth the top of them to prevent splinters.

Above is my concoction: it's far from pretty bit it'll work.

Step 3: Scoring the Cans (part 1)

First, you're going to score one can three centimeters high with the bottom of the can on the floor (the drinking side should be facing the ceiling) and score the can.

You score the can by holding a razor blade to the jig you constructed earlier and lightly rub the side of the can against the blade for a nice, clean cut. Do it gently and do it until you can clearly see a good score.

Do it with one can 3cm high and with another 1cm high.

When you have made a nice score line, you can open up the score using your finger to poke the score open. Also, make sure your cut is straight, otherwise the cut will come out uneven.

Step 4: Scoring the Cans (part 2)

Next, you probably have two coke cans with two perfect sheets of aluminum for the inner wall. Score the can with the top (the end you drink out of) facing up still. The can will be wobbly when you score it, so take your time to get a good score. Use the 4 cm jig.

When you have a good score, do the same thing you did before and use your finger to open up the cut.

Tear it down the middle and make it reasonably strait

Use a ruler and sharpie to make some straight lines down the aluminum sheet

Use the razor and ruler to cut the sheet vertically

Now use the sharpie and mark a straight line horizontally so that what you're left with is a 3.65 cm width sheet of aluminum.

Step 5: Scoring the Cans (part 3)

Now, take your razor and score along the aluminum circle part of the can bottom (you'll see in the pics)

Wear gloves; this can cut you

Score the circle edges with force about 10 times (10 complete circles) and then stab your razor in the middle of the can bottom. Do this with both cans.

Use the pliers on your multi tool or your needle nose pliers and carefully peel away the aluminum. The score will make sure the aluminum peels away and leaves a pretty good circle (use the file to smoothen out the burrs).

Step 6: JB Weld and Crimping

First thing to do is to first fold the strip of aluminum into a smaller cylinder to fir on the inner ridge of the 2 cans.

When you've done that, use some scotch tape to temporarily hold the fold and apply JB weld to the part where both flaps touch (in pic)

Then, use tape to hold the seal in place while the weld dries.

After this, you want to crimp the edges of the smaller (1cm) can to fit the can into the larger can. To do this, you take your pliers and make a bend about once every 1/4 inches. Don't do this too hard though.

Now, take your JB weld and weld the rim between the outer wall and the circle that was cut out for the inner wall to fit into (on the 3 cm can). Apply a generous amount and then place the inner wall into the can (if any of these directions seem confusing, there is a video at the end)

Give the inner wall a little twist to make sure the JB weld spreads.

Apply JB weld to the inner edge of the 3 cm can so when you push the crimped can into the un crimped can, you have a very strong bond.

Now jb weld the other can's inner rim and push the crimped can into the un crimped can.

Step 7: Holes in the Top

I don't think I need pictures to explain how this is done

use a sharpie and make 14-16 evenly spaced dots on one end (wither the top or bottom, it doesn't matter because there is a very strong seal in between any suspected openings so there is no worry)

Take a hammer and a very small nail and poke holes where the dots are

Step 8: Yay! Proceed to Find Out How to Light It!

You're done! Now, I'll give you the specs on this can stove (based on some tests I did with some junk I had at home):

tensile stress strength: enough to support me standing on it for a period of 30 seconds (I weigh 127 lbs)

JB weld strength: can withstand over 3500 psi

JB weld temperature tolerance: 530 degrees Fahrenheit about

It can be dropped from a 3 story building and survive with no major damage

I can't crush it with one hand (not easily with two hands but I can with some effort)

So, yeah. very strong and nice. Use a needle nose syringe to fill with HEET. (video on next step)

Step 9: Some Things to Go Over Before Anyone Says Something

1) No, I did not plagiarize this person's build. I gave him and his channel credit and I got his permission to do this.

2) I DID modify the design a bit to make it shorter (in height) and I used a 12 oz can instead of a 7.5 oz can

3) I will be improving the design in the future, so follow my instructables to see it!

Heres the video of his how to:

Heres the how to light vid:

Subscribe to his channel because he has some good stuff on his channel (though, he uses his google+ page recently and not his channel -_-).

Link to his channel:



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    This instructable rocks, woo-hoo! The hole through the centre will make the flames great and powerful.

    You've earned a hoof-bump!

    I think that's all for this comment......... Eeeyup!

    Also, you can store a bottle of alcohol in the center (if it's sanded down enough)

    Just saying that I think you did a really good job at crediting the guy, something which sadly doesn't happen too often.

    Again, apologies for the ambiguity of my steps. I was pretty tired when I made this, so I put a video at the end to clear up any questions and make you a happy camper.