Picture of The Portal Door
I will show you how to put portals on your door or wall.
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Step 1: The template

Picture of The template
You will need the template somewhere under this text. It is very big (7500 x 500 pixels), because it has to be printed on a very big paper (makes sense, huh?).

What it contains:
- 2 portals in orange and blue. They have a transparent background that has to be replaced with the pictures from step 2.

- 2 Portal logos. One is bigger than the other one, I cut the letters out and glued them under and over the portals, this looks a lot more professional ;)

- A nice picture of my favorite cube, the Companion one! I just don't like the feeling of wasting space, cut it out or throw it away, I don't mind.

The template is available for a white and a (dark) brown background, because the boundary of the portals are blurred. The picture down there shows what it looks like, but please don't use this, because it is way too small.

Here you can get the template in both colors:

Step 2: The pictures

Picture of The pictures
Make 2 pictures, from the 2 views you will hang your portals, for example like this one. If you can, go a bit behind the point where the portal will be, so you can get more of the room behind it on the photo (This does only work with doors, don't try to take a photo through the wall ;)).

Step 3: The marriage

Picture of The marriage
...of the photos with the template. Put them under the portals (Does that work in Paint? Guess not, if you can, use Paint Shop, Photo Shop, Gimp or something else) and resize them that they fit. Therefore, you will have to create new layers under the portal-layer where you can put your photos. You may have to erase some parts of one picture, so that it doesn't cover the other one. Save this as a png or something that is not jpeg and bmp (Or you can spend years while uploading).

This is what it should look like:
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Hey man! This looks like an awesome project! Can you please re-up the template? That link doesn't work :-(

kamibox.de (author)  SteamPoweredMonster11 months ago
Here are the templates:

thanks a lot!

SkyWolf032 months ago

Can you reupload the template? It keeps getting broken :/

THEJJRAT2 months ago

Be cooler if you could cut a hole out of the door. It would make it more realistic.

Hey! I would just put a hole in my door and paint blue and orange around it!!


im new on instructables
What size paper do you recommend?
kamibox.de (author)  porkchoppiggy2 years ago
I used A0, but it could be bigger.
could you also send it to me? My email is 31860@cggs.act.edu.au
kamibox.de (author)  porkchoppiggy2 years ago
The link in the description does actually work, it is just linked wrong and I can't change it at the moment.

This one works: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21203905/Papercraft/portaldoor.zip
Thank you!
Xfrim4 years ago
Its papercraft. Go to www.papercraftmuseum.com and search portal.
spidymaster3 years ago
Could you send me this temptate? My email: spidymistrz@gmail.com.
MrRandomnez3 years ago
Could you please email me the image because none of these links work?
My email is mrrandomnez@hotmail.com
stratisfire3 years ago
i think it would be cool if you could somehow display video on the "portals" so you could have on upstairs and one downstairs and be able to see what is coming from the other camera.
can you send me the template my Email is: alcatraz2033@yahoo.com
erowe3 years ago
This is amazing. Could you upload the template again?
batonas3 years ago
great idea but you should cut a hole in the door for more realism :D
jjunod14 years ago
What I did was sorta a play-off of think geeks portal shirt (here) http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/portal-tshirt.html and i kinda made a frame by printing it twice then i put a screen in them then sealed it
andyxxpanda4 years ago
it would be cooler if you hung one on the oposite side of the room
championx54 years ago
only thing fail about this is if u take the picture during theday then itll look fake at night
Need to have part of the door as glass...
UpgradeTech4 years ago
I'm sorry, but I've tried all the links in the comments and I cannot find the template anywhere. Could you repost it?
kamibox.de (author)  UpgradeTech4 years ago
I hope this one works http://www.fileshost.com/download.php?id=5C2E8C9F1
Not working either. Try a different file sharing site, or set up a torrent. Torrents are more reliable than file sharing sites, if you can get enough seeders. You could also set up something on an image sharing site. I am not sure how large the file is, but Flickr has the larges limit (to my knowledge) of 10 mb
tinker2344 years ago
hey could i add a projecter and 2 cameras to make a projected image of each side if they change also be cool to have a hole so you could walk thourgh
tinker2344 years ago
wow hey could cut a hole in the door to go thourgh
blanchae4 years ago
I wonder if it would better using a mirror instead of a picture?
this was a triumph.
i'm making a note here, huge success!
jarnold34 years ago
This was a triumph...
monkeys984 years ago
could i make it bigger so that each portal can cover more of the door?
reddog923964 years ago
Hah ! Nice! You should have just cut a hole in the door! LOL that would have been funny I can see people's reactions

"Woah an actual portal!"
You know it might be easier to get a door with a round window in it and just paint the portal around it.
What's the point of having a door if anyone could see through it then? Yeah, I tought so...
hmm you do have a point there, :s
ok, i will talk about the portal on the outside, so the cameras see what is in the room ad the projector projects the image onto the door.
you doo the same with the other side
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