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Introduction: +The Living Dead Baby+

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Hummm what could I make for the Halloween this year...

Everybody has a  doll at home, if not, it is easy to be stolen HAHAHAHHAHA
get one from your younger sister or neighbor's kids , whatever.. it's halloween time, time
to make treats.

 This doll I found in a Jumble sale. :D
< <

Have Fun Guys and Gals !
I wish you all a fabulous Halloween!

Step 1: What You Need to Creat This Nightmare PART I

  1. a doll
  2. latex paint pigment (green, brown and violet)- like it http://www.monstermakers.com/product/latex-colorants.html
  3. brushes
  4. a piece of long haired plush
  5. good glue ( for the hair)

Step 2: Painting the Little Rotten Corpse ..

- use first a little brown paint , than spread a little green paint ..

* it dries very quickly ;P

Step 3: ..

mix making turn a non-homogeneous color...
So like the picture ;)

Step 4: Ouch! :Painting the Painful Wounds..

- Put a little violet paint and touch with a piece of cotton , do it on the face, around the eyes, on the nose, on the arms and legs.

Step 5: Continue Rotting the Baby...

- it still is sooo sweet!

Step 6: Arms and Legs ....


Step 7: It Will Be in Your Dreams ..


Step 8: Fix the Hair ...

- using glue
* leave a little piece for the eyebrows!

Step 9: The Clothes

- choose something you can make dirty.
I sprayed some coffee.

Step 10: It Is Ready.

- Congratulations! Now you are the Mommy of this creature! Take care of him !


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    Really??? it's hair just has to be orange??
    well i geuss that means orange hair is more evil...YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    2 replies

    Right. Orange hair looks more evil :D

    I might have stopped on step ten with the head, but the hair is cool... I do know where to steal a baby doll from...he he jk... I might make this..

    1 reply

    until next halloween you will find one :D

    hahhahaha I swear , I din't know him.

    Also known as getting revenge on the dolls you were forced to carry as a small girl. lol :)

    ..(\ /)
    (>< )/)

    Very creepy, I voted... =)

    1 reply

    lol I loved the mad bunny!

    Haha!! thanks :)