Got a lot of Post-its? Need a new paperweight? Just have too much time at the office doing nothing?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions, the Post-it Peacock could be for you!

3D Origami, Golden Venture Origami, Chinese Paperfolding, whatever you choose to call it, is an intensive form of origami which involves creating many pieces and assembling them together to create shapes, animals, flowers, and much more. To learn about the history, please see my first 3D origami guide.

3D Origami is notorious for its time-consuming nature. Sculptures can require thousands of pieces, like this 1300-piece peacock made by a blind man. But some of us just don’t have that kind of time, energy, patience, or amount of colored paper!

This sculpture only requires 122 pieces total, and is a great beginner sculpture. 122 pieces can be folded easily in under an hour (for me, it takes just 30 minutes!), and the materials are easily obtained in any office or stationary aisle.

Note: In this Instructable, as like my others, I will use white paper to denote when a step has ended so the colors do not distract.

Step 1: Ingredients

To make this sculpture, you will need:
  • 35 blue Post-it notes (makes 70 pieces)
  • 18 green Post-it notes (makes 35 pieces)
  • 9 yellow Post-it notes (makes 17 pieces)
  • Glue (to secure some weak spots and prevent breakage)
Super Optional:
  • Mod Podge (to give a nice, shiny finish)
Post-it notes are relatively cheap; you can most likely purchase them for $1 a pack (or swipe them for free in your office supply room!). I managed to get 10 packs for $6! Woo, affordable art!

In every pack of Post-it notes, there are approximately 90 notes, so you could make multiple peacocks from your three Post-it packs!
<p>This is great!! Love the way you made folding easy!!!</p>
<p>Wow...that is talent!</p>
this is awesome!can u make other creatures?
Can you make a video? It was hard to get the part where you add more tiers.
this is an epic origami priject. keep up the good work! <br>
Congratulations on the win. Your peacock is awesome! The next slow day at work I&acirc;€™ll try and build it.
Congrats on the win! Your peacock super deserved it! Yay! :)
Loved your last 3d origami instructable. Ended up making 5 and only 1 was for me.
this is cool! i've made 4 swans out of 250 pieces each a while ago, but using post it notes is a good idea
Thanks! And I totally get you, it's so easy to make the 250-piece swans even though folding takes forever. I have an entire box full of swans in my house! Drives my parents crazy, haha.
haha! you must have the patience of no other.. i endeavored on this project this summer and i almost died from a boredom induced coma. :D at least they look cool!
haha! you must have the patience of no other.. i endeavored on this project this summer and i almost died from a boredom induced coma. :D at least they look cool!
Beautiful! I like that you listed the "ingredients" haha.
Haha thanks! I thought it would add a little quirky flair :)
Such amazing directions! I just love how you put what you had already done in white and what you were doing in color. Makes it so easy to follow along :D
Haha thanks! I actually originally took photos without doing the white, and it was absolutely impossible to decipher which layer was which. I'll definitely be using this method from now on! :)
Very impressive. Nice work.
Thanks! :)
Love this! Wish I had some post-its! I want to make a ton of these--great work! :)
Haha thank you! :)
So pretty!
Thanks! :)
So pretty!

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