Picture of The Potato-Killer Top
Every so often, a lone potato will find it's way out of the bag, rolling away from it's family, to sigh alone in the dark recesses of your pantry.
What can you do when, months later, you discover this straggler, wrinkled and unpalatable?

Don't throw it away...

Make it into a stamp, decorate some fabric, and sew an awesome drapey crop top out of it!

This was inspired by many a trend: geometric print, cropped and asymmetrical, drapey fabric... that all comes together to create what shall henceforth be known as...

The Potato-Killer Top

Step 1: Ingredients:

Picture of Ingredients:
This is a two-in-one instructable!

First I'll show you how to make a potato stamp, and then the shirt pattern.

You will need:

A Potato!
A Cold Unfeeling Urge to Kill Vegetables.
A Weapon (small, sharp knife)
Fabric Paint
Stretch Jersey Fabric

For the pattern:

Butcher Paper (or newspaper)
Sharpie (if using newspaper, choose a bright color)
a t-shirt that fits you (i based my pattern off a snug-fitting one)

Sewing Machine (though can be painstakingly sewn by hand)
Preferably a needle for knit fabrics and a walking foot
ecsaul233 years ago
Love the humor!
Pierre19634 years ago
brilliant idea because it is simple
can't make this, I'm opposed to violence against vegetables ;p
Nice design LOL
love it!
cwilcox34 years ago
I have witnessed its untold wonder.