Power Loader: Baby Sigourney Weaver Alien (1979) Cardboard and Tape Hand Made!


Introduction: Power Loader: Baby Sigourney Weaver Alien (1979) Cardboard and Tape Hand Made!

This is a home made Costume.
When did this contested started ?? lol  in that case i have no chance ??

A friend of mine  bought a 60' TV.She wanted to get rid of the Boxes out of her house.I decided  to take her trash and Build this Costume. I create this Costume with Tape,Styrofoam,Led lights,toilet paper rolls etc, and A huge Imagination.

Alien The movie is one of my favorite all time Classic.I wanted to bring it back this time my version.The video is the Final Product Enjoy.
I hope u like it, and Please Vote Thank you.

This Costume took me over 2 week to make and 3 hours of face make up. It's not like any other Power Loader you have seen on the internet.Mine is Original. If built Right, you can actually Go in public and show of your costume Like I did. 

Not really Sure how this instructable step by step  Works but I will try my best to Explain.This  is how to make your Own Power loader.
For the Face Effect please view pictures,Step by step as shown in Pictures.

Please view the pictures and Good luck building your OWN  POWER LOADER & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Back Pack for the Power loader under construction 



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    YeP !! GREAT !!
    Always wanted to make one like that

    Just one thing: it's from AlienS, the 1986 ;-)

    1 reply

    hey I love compliments ! you got my vote

    "Thing is I'm 5 foot 2 lol
    Nice job.!!. check out mine what you think? Made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like ;-)"
    ....I see you put this same thing on a ton of people's projects including 2 of mine. A little desperate for votes?? Let people make their own votes. Please don't beg...

    1 reply

    You don't have to come at me like that,

    Thank you for noticing,;-) but I'm well aware about the voting process.
    In my opinion I think everyone should win and what is wrong getting compliments? FYI I am 5'2 and Halloween is the only month i can be creative and be tall lol. did I offend you? if i did my bad.Who doesn't like getting Compliments ?

    Wow. Super creative. Voted for in both.

    Wow, that is amazing! Creative, affordable and creepy with a sense of humor (love the zipped head and baby zipper head).

    1 reply

    The more I look at zipper head kid..the crazier it gets. You have my vote.

    Great Job!!

    I'm loving this! i love the alien movies and this is just awesome! well done!

    iI love it and soukin should win his costume is amazing!!!!!!!#