"The Presence" NIN Scarf in Illusion (Shadow) Knitting


Introduction: "The Presence" NIN Scarf in Illusion (Shadow) Knitting

Illusion knitting is a crazy thing. Look at it head-on, and it just looks like boring stripes. Stripes are cool for *some*, but just too plain for others.
BUT....if you take a step back, so you're looking at the piece at an angle, something amazing happens! A subtle image begins to emerge! The tighter the angle you view the piece at, the more visible the image becomes.

I wanted to incorporate the logo of my favorite "band", Nine Inch Nails into a knitted piece, but I didn't want it to be blatant. I figured Illusion Knitting would be perfect, and that a scarf would be something that would look OK in stripes. But a scarf is long, and the NIN box is short. What to do? Well, NIN's latest record, Year Zero, came with a huge and involved back-story set in the future, where everything has all gone to crap and suddenly people start seeing "The Presence" - a huge hand reaching down from the sky and planting it's fingers in the ground. All who see it are struck with terror and an overwhelming sense of contrition. Sounded like a cool enough motif to work with!

I have to say, this scarf turned out even better than I imagined it would. Making the grid was a bit difficult, but once I got the proportions right, execution was VERY simple. I think this is my best knitting work to date.

The pattern is available for free to anyone who wants to use it - http://fernandfaerie.com/thepresence.pdf



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    The link is dead. Any chance you still have this pattern?

    i paid.... and the download is those same 3 pages... i took the pro thing for nothing, no pattern. Am desapointed and for m'y first attempt on instructables its à big faillll for me :(

    is there's a way to download the pattern without paying the 35$ fee for ''gopro'' ??

    My niece is a huge NIN fan and i would love to make this for her, but unfortunately i get a "Page Not Found" error when I click on the link.....

    Wow! Your scarf just blew my mind! Nice!

    Very nice. I haven't a clue who NIN actually are (yes, I know - I'm old), but this is a really nice scarf.

    (Hurries of to show Kitewife)

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    quite an old band if i am not mistaken.

    this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. there truly are our type of people everywhere.

    you should so post this on NIN.com... i have the same name there thanks for showing your love to the greatest band that exists... and im glad that i had a chance to see them in concert.

    I LOVE IT!! My boyfriend doesn't like scarves at all, but I think he'll start likin' them... Awesome job, congrats!

    Killer. Looks like it did turn out the way that you wanted it! Wish there was a way for you to sell these without screwing Trent. Oh well, seems like I gotta learn how to knit! Great job!

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    (Actually, I don't like to knit enough to crank these things out en-masse, and I charge licensing fees for people to use my patterns for their business. So it would be a logistical mess, trying to coordinate something allowable!) You can always pay someone to do the work for you - you provide the pattern and yarn.

    This is beautiful. I'm a huge NIN fan and would love to own this.

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    If you don't knit yet, there's not better time to learn! "I want this" is the only reason I ever do needlework. I know for a lot of people, it's something relaxing to do, or something to do with their hands so they're not wasting time. But for me, I'll get an idea in my head, and have to have it, so I'll do what it takes to get to the goal. Lucky for you all, I managed to keep good enough track of what I did, that I was able to write the pattern out for you all!

    Wow, sweet! Nice call adding the hands.