"The Presence" NIN Scarf in Illusion (Shadow) Knitting





Introduction: "The Presence" NIN Scarf in Illusion (Shadow) Knitting

Illusion knitting is a crazy thing. Look at it head-on, and it just looks like boring stripes. Stripes are cool for *some*, but just too plain for others.
BUT....if you take a step back, so you're looking at the piece at an angle, something amazing happens! A subtle image begins to emerge! The tighter the angle you view the piece at, the more visible the image becomes.

I wanted to incorporate the logo of my favorite "band", Nine Inch Nails into a knitted piece, but I didn't want it to be blatant. I figured Illusion Knitting would be perfect, and that a scarf would be something that would look OK in stripes. But a scarf is long, and the NIN box is short. What to do? Well, NIN's latest record, Year Zero, came with a huge and involved back-story set in the future, where everything has all gone to crap and suddenly people start seeing "The Presence" - a huge hand reaching down from the sky and planting it's fingers in the ground. All who see it are struck with terror and an overwhelming sense of contrition. Sounded like a cool enough motif to work with!

I have to say, this scarf turned out even better than I imagined it would. Making the grid was a bit difficult, but once I got the proportions right, execution was VERY simple. I think this is my best knitting work to date.

The pattern is available for free to anyone who wants to use it - http://fernandfaerie.com/thepresence.pdf



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    The link is dead. Any chance you still have this pattern?

    i paid.... and the download is those same 3 pages... i took the pro thing for nothing, no pattern. Am desapointed and for m'y first attempt on instructables its à big faillll for me :(

    is there's a way to download the pattern without paying the 35$ fee for ''gopro'' ??

    My niece is a huge NIN fan and i would love to make this for her, but unfortunately i get a "Page Not Found" error when I click on the link.....

    Wow! Your scarf just blew my mind! Nice!

    Very nice. I haven't a clue who NIN actually are (yes, I know - I'm old), but this is a really nice scarf.

    (Hurries of to show Kitewife)

    quite an old band if i am not mistaken.

    this is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen. there truly are our type of people everywhere.

    you should so post this on NIN.com... i have the same name there thanks for showing your love to the greatest band that exists... and im glad that i had a chance to see them in concert.

    I LOVE IT!! My boyfriend doesn't like scarves at all, but I think he'll start likin' them... Awesome job, congrats!