Step 2: Roofing

Next up was the roof. Roofing pretty much sucks. I'd probably pay someone if I had to do it again.

After the roof was on, the playhouse became really hot inside. I added a roof vent to let the hot air out which cooled things down nicely.
<p>Great stuff - love the line about spoiling your girls proper. </p><p>Your plans link contains the period. Remove the period to get to the plans page. <a href="http://www.woodmanor.net/Little-miss-playhouse-plans.html" rel="nofollow">http://www.woodmanor.net/Little-miss-playhouse-pla...</a></p>
wow that is an awesome playhouse, my little sister would LOVE that
Beautiful work! What lucky little princesses!!!
Simply amazing! What an awesome gift!
This is Awesome! I wonder if I can do this?
This was my first construction project ever. So if I can do it, you can too. What I learned is that construction is not actually that hard, it just takes time. The nice thing about doing it yourself is there is no rush, just take your sweet time and you'll be fine.
hi this is wicked i just woundered do you have any schematics of the protosheil as i would like to make one of these for my young sister
here's the plans for the structure the playhouse plans were $35, here's the link http://woodmanor.net/Little-miss-playhouse-plans.html <br>
Very Nice, except the TV. <br>Doesnt that defeat the purpose of a playhouse which is to encourage the imagination?
i suppose so, the TV actually is more for me when I'm in there :-)
Sweet playhouse. As soon as I get an extra $1800 I'm gonna build one.
This is unbelievable, great job! You love your children so much, what a lucky pair of princesses!
OMG they have a better house then mine!!! hahahahahha<br />
hahahaha then mine too!
That is very artistic, and decorative.
What a wonder playhouse!&nbsp; I love the bookshelves using the space between the studs.&nbsp; Did you choose the interiror decorating yourself?<br /> <br /> I hope those two beautiful little girls know how special their Daddy is!!!<br /> <br /> I didn't read every step (sorry -- no time) so maybe you said about the cost of the plans.&nbsp; I didn't see that cost reflected in your &quot;rough breakdown&quot;.<br /> <br /> Wonderful details!&nbsp; Come and build one for my granddaughter?&nbsp; I'll do the interior decorating.&nbsp; LOL
Hi, thanks, my wife did all the interior decorating, was a fun project for her, she bought some of the fixtures and other items on eBay<br /> <br /> the playhouse plans were $35, here's the link <a href="http://woodmanor.net/Little-miss-playhouse-plans.html" rel="nofollow">http://woodmanor.net/Little-miss-playhouse-plans.html</a><br /> <br /> yes the girls like it, its also quite popular&nbsp;with the neighborhood kids
WOW my grandbaby would love that. She would really love that mirror but WOW couldn't afford the hardware or software. It is very cool and ya did a wonderful job on it. Those are two lucky girls you have there.
yes, if I&nbsp;re-call, I&nbsp;used 3 inch deck screws, the ones with the coating on them so they go in nice and easy, also had the star heads as opposed to the traditional philips<br />
Are the walls secured to the wooden base of the concrete pad?
I would like to do something like this. What should my estimated budget be?
I didn't track the costs but here's a rough breakdown:<br/><br/>8x8 concrete slab - $200<br/>wood and internal trim - $200<br/>electrical wiring and panel - $100<br/>speaker wire and in wall speakers - $100<br/>roof shingles and flashing - $150<br/>drywall - I paid someone to hang and mud the drywall $400<br/>tv mount and tv - $150<br/>vintage light scounces- $80<br/>foam panel insulation - $80<br/>pergo floor - $120<br/>custom sized windows - $200<br/>see <a rel="nofollow" href="http://diymagicmirror.com">http://diymagicmirror.com</a> for parts and costs for the magic mirror<br/><br/>Hope that helps<br/>
when can I move In? LOL
shes getting tall should ahve made it a lil bigger then when they grow to old u can hide in it
Awesome design. You will be lucky to get the kids out of there for anything. Or, was that the idea in the first place?
how rich are U LOL magic mirror LOL if u actually made that and u are loaded
Fantastic project. It's great that your dad was so involved.<br/><br/>I particularly like the stained glass he made--an instructable coming for that? Please? ;<sup>)</sup><br/>
I think the inside is nicer than my own house! Great job!
AMAZING MAN! love it :)
i don't know -- it's gorgeous, but isn't it a little.... much? i think of a playhouse as a place for filling in the gaps with imagination, not the consumption of all mod cons. it is lovely, but it seems to set the bar for "gimmee" awfully high.
Ahh shut up! ITS awesome :)
You must really love your children. Can you make me one? But bigger, and more manly?
Impressive project. About the baseboard: never try to miter an inside corner. Always butt or cope an inside joint.
This is awesome. When I was a kid, I always wanted a house like this! great work!!!!
this is incredible!! very well done : )
Absolutely Gorgeous!!! I want to have kids just so I can build it! =D Or maybe I will just build it for me!!! ; D<br/>Thanks for the step by step info on it! AWESOME! :D<br/>
omg that is to awesome i want one myself
thats better than my house... lol i should make one of these for my Lab/bike-mechanicisms... would be cool
The house is beautiful. I was wondering, why not send it to HGTV to have it featured on television.

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