Picture of 'The Prisoner' costume
How about this:  a very obscure character from a weird and revered cult TV show from the 60s:  The Prisoner: starring Patrick McGoohan

This is a super cool and quick costume you can put easily together easily at the last minute.

Step 1: Stuff

Picture of stuff
All you need is a cheap black suit jacket.  I got this one at Goodwill for $7.  Some black or dark blue tennis shoes.  A dark blue tshirt.  And some white electrical tape.

Optional:  large white weather balloon.
ilpug2 years ago
Oh god, such an odd show.
foobear (author)  ilpug2 years ago
Completely weird, yes. Points for knowing what it is and only 18.
ilpug foobear2 years ago
thanks, I never finished it. I got like 8 episodes in and was afflicted with too much "what the hell am I watching" to bother continuing. I should rewatch one day.
foobear (author)  ilpug2 years ago
Not every pop culture reference is funny or interesting to everyone I suppose.
ilpug foobear2 years ago
It was interesting, just a bit to odd to commit to.