The Prophet: a Four Shot Turret Pistol





Introduction: The Prophet: a Four Shot Turret Pistol

As I think I've hinted in my profile: I've built a K'nex turret pistol.  I was going to call it 'ShadeShot,' but thought that didn't sound as cool as: The Prophet.  Anyways, it gets great ranges and looks really cool in my opinion.  I've recently discovered a setting on my camera where you can give pictures certain 'effects.'  The main picture in this Instructable uses one of those, and you can expect more like it.  

I will eventually post instructions for this little beauty.

It has:
A new TP4 design by yours truly.  This one is different from all the others in its design; I know there have been others, but mine, I think, is the first to have all the amenities of the TR8 in terms of layering and whatnot.  (When I post instructions, feel free to use it, and I don't even care if you give me credit or not; I'm a firm believer in the 'Give-the-technology-to-the-masses-and-I-don't-care-about-credit' mindset.)

Great Range (It goes across my basement with ease, and I have a HUGE extended basement.)

An Awesome Trigger (If you notice, it's the exact same trigger and handle from my model Walther PPK I made in this forum topic:

A very nice appearance. (Especially the shot with the color effect thing; it happens to look a lot like metallics for some reason.)

A comfortable handle.

Expect updates, instructions, more cool pictures, and the like.  This instructable is going to be entered into The Rods & Connectors Contest, and I really hope to have instructions by the end of it.  Enjoy the pictures for now; I'm hoping to make instructions sometime this week.

Pictures four through eight are courtesy of nerfrocketeer and Dr. Richtofen.  You should check out their profiles and subscribe for awesome stuff.



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    the prophet?

    I haven't played that game, but no, you're definitely right: this is instructables, and not Bioshock Infinite. :P (Are there similar sounding guns in the game?)

    (no, a evil person in the game is called the prophet)

    prophet is also the main charachter in crysis 3

    How do I make it?