The Prototype Removable Horizontal Mag Knex Gun


Introduction: The Prototype Removable Horizontal Mag Knex Gun

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I made this gun a month or two ago and for some reason it never made it into an ible. I just wanted to post some pics because I just rebuilt it and see if anyone would want to expand on the idea. The mag holds four rounds then flip it and use the other four rounds.



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    Sooo, how is this an instructable? there is no instructions

    Oh well it's not lol I made it in five min because the gun is about the idea not looking pretty

    The stock looks like the sweet revenge stock from knexfreek

    Yeah. I had a comment and I didn't post and I didn't feel like rewriting it. I did like the Cold Steel a lot though.

    It was a fun gun and a personal favorite but way out of my comfort zone