Step 8: Sewing the Overskirt

Next we'll sew the 6 panels together for the overskirt. Take two panels and place them right sides together, lining up the edges. Sew a seam all along the long edge, from the narrow to the wide ends. Continue with another panel making sure to line up the panels right side together. Once the last panel is attached, sew it to the first panel.

You'll have a big "tube" with one narrow end and one wider end and a very full A-line! Go back and zig zag all the seamed edges.

<p>Thank you. Awesome instructions! Used it for my Strawberry Shortcake costume.</p>
<p>Oh! I love it!! It looks adorable!! The costume will be fab!! Thank you for sharing this!! :)</p>
I wonder if you could use boxer shorts for base? <br>
Nice. can't wait to try it.
Really nice! :)
I just love this style! Thank you for sharing! There is a project I've had in mind for quite a while now and I had been trying to decide how to tackle the pick ups I wanted on it. I'll have to keep this method in mind!

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