The Push-ped





Introduction: The Push-ped

A bike/scooter hybrid,a great project for begginer hobbiyists like me (please go easy on the coments cuz this is my first project and im only 13)

Step 1: The How To

its basically just a regular Razor scooter with a metal bar welded on to it with added suports and a bike seat, The pics should give you an Idea (tip you should remove the wheels before welding to avoid melting)



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    Looks great!

    nice photo. yes it looks like a good sitting bike indeed, a easy on back bike.

    I did similar kickscooter a few years ago It was November 2001. It was lot of fun but I sold it as my 4-wheel kick scooter is more practical.

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    by 4-wheeled kick scooter do u mean a fusion? cause i have one and i love it! i put scooteer wheels on it to make it handle sharp turns better.

    No, something better. Have a look of this video: It is my own design :)

    is that bike seat kobe?

    I don't know. I bought it from a bikeshop. It was quite comfortable one.

    whats it say on the side?

    Hey dude, good instructable though it could be longer. Great job on welding at 13, though I am eleven, hehe

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    you have to be at least 13 to be on this site

    which date my birthday is on the 8th

    its my bbirthday today

    Im 12 and I have never welded anything :(

    nice,work. looks like a good down hill racing scooter, awsome job