Step 5: I Tip My Cap to You Sir!

Take your sports drink cap and get out your hobby knife. Cut a hole in the middle slightly larger than the pen so that it may slide onto the pen but still be snug.
Super fun but for the darts I decided to use hot glue but other than that it's good for beginners
<p>This was a pretty cool project but it hurts to get shot haha</p>
I put two of the confetti launcher things from Fourth of July (when you pull the sting and confetti comes out) and now it is a blow dart/ confetti blaster!!! Thanks for the idea for te blow dart!!! Keep it up!!!
How does it fire?? Ur probably thinking I'm a noob but I've got no idea :(
<p>No problem Zepher14! A basic blowgun has ammo inside the chamber called a blowdart, and the firing process involves putting your mouth on the end and blowing on it, thus building up pressure behind the projectile and launching it. I hope that explained it well!</p>
<p>Thanks dude.</p>
Wow, pretty gnarly! Hi! :-)
dude, u copied from the book mini weapons of mass destruction!!!
Well as you can see I gave the author his credit for the general construction, however if you view the instructable you will see its quite different. :-) Merry Christmas!
How far do the Q-tips fly?
It depends on what size q-tip you use, mine can shoot across a room no problem-o!
how far can it shoot
I'm not sure, I never tried measuring the distance. It goes pretty darn far!
this step is hard.
Indeed, I reccomend using the plastic q-tips because they are hollow. But, I'll tell you how I did it with a normal one. I simply took a thumbtack and pushed the sharp piece into the q-tip then removed it. Then just wedge the toothpick in the hole you made. Hope this helps man :)
My dad refuses to buy the plastic kind, and my q tips are totally rock solid, so now i officially give up on this project.
dollar store will get you a large box 500+ of hollow plastic Q tips for $1 <br>
this is cool, bu you copied from the book Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2. Just saying.
I have found many other ibles from that book on this website, and yes, if you look below, you can see I got this idea from that book, but mine is not entirely the same. Have a good day!
oh. looks like i didn't notice that comment. Looks like i am just a useless troll...
It's all good bro :)
Off topic but... <br> <br>I see you used iMovie to edit your video. But I do not have that theme. Where did you get it from?
Well first off, it was the iMovie on my iPhone (I'm not sure if it's different much from on a computer), second, it was in the newest update of iMovie, and third, it was under the trailers option, not traditional movie of movie. Hope this helps! :)
Found it! you rock!<br><br>Tank Ewe
Thank you, you're welcome sir! Have a good day!
At video editing software did you use for the intro vid?
Hello good sir :) I have a few different video editing softwares, but this specific one was from iMovie on my iphone, I figured it would be easy since I already had the video on my phone. Have a nice day!
Wow! I didn't realize iMovie could do that kind of stuff! Especially on the iPhone! Thanks!
Yeah it's pretty neat and handy for a phone, I reccomend it. No problem though bro, always happy to help! Have a good one!
Great instructions but this is the EXACT SAME model made in John Austin's Book; Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction 2. http://www.amazon.com/Mini-Weapons-Mass-Destruction-Arsenal/dp/1569767165 <br> <br>P.S. if you buy the cheap plastic bendy Q-tips they are hollow inside and you can just slide in the toothpicks which is much easier. <br>
I have modified a few things on mine so it is not exactly the same, but I did get the main idea from him. I am a huge fan of his books :)
At video editing software did you use for the intro vid?

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