Picture of The Queen's Round Metal Hat
Every queen needs a round, metal hat, or "crown".  This one is technically a 'coronet' as it does not close in the middle.  The queen is Titania, queen of the faeries, daughter of Titans, and fittingly, her crown is made of titanium.  The parts were designed using Autodesk Inventor and fabricated with a CNC waterjet cutter, in the traditional craftwork of olde.  At TechShop.

Step 1: Gather your Implements

Picture of Gather your Implements
Traditionally, faerie crowns are forged in a volcano.  If a volcano is unavailable, you can purchase .035 sheet titanium from a number of online suppliers.  For a 22" circumference head, you will need a sheet 7.5" x 19."  Titanium is not essential to the construction, you can use steel or aluminum.  That is, if you fear not to offend the faerie queen. 

  -Titanium sheet, 7.5"x19"x.035"
  -Blow torch 
  -Welder (TIG or Spot Welder)
  -Work holding equipment
  -Welding gloves
  -Metal Cutter
  -Autodesk Inventor or another 2D vector design program.
Bully_4_You25 days ago

Great project! Very clear and easy to understand. This could also make a beautiful tiara for a fantasy wedding!

WOW!! i like it, same as in the hobbit

pretty model btw

Haus Page2 years ago
Love this. Great work.
twighahn2 years ago
i could do this with paper and gold spray thanks
builderkidj2 years ago
Well, Zelda...what do we do now ;)
EET19822 years ago
Awesome! Great job! Love it!
Attmos2 years ago
Nice work. Looks really good, no, great! Must have been fun to do.
That is amazing! Wonderful job designing and putting it all together :D
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Edgar2 years ago
Nice work, and of course, this will be used for Byke and Car Ornaments, too... ;)