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Introduction: The Quibbler - Full Readable Magazine

Welcome back to Muggle Magic! By popular request I've created a Quibbler DIY with free downloadable templates!

Now, I could have just printed the cover and glued it onto an old magazine, but that wouldn't have been as much fun. I also could have just downloaded one of the many low resolution quibbler magazines out there and printed that, but most of them are so blurry they can't be read, and the ones that can be read are usually written in Latin - just placeholder Lorem Ipsum text.

As usual with my projects, I wanted mine to be different than the others. I decided to recreate the pages myself with readable text in English. Some of these articles were completely written by me, others were borrowed from articles written by either xlovegoodx @ deviantart or RandomUser674 @ - although I did highly edit the articles I borrowed and completely redesigned the pages. The individuals I borrowed from are credited on the very last page of this Quibbler entitled "Credits." There are also 4 full page wizarding ads and many smaller ads throughout the book.

It took me many, many hours to put this thing together and I'm quite happy with the results. I hope you are too! As always, if you plan to repost, reuse, redistribute, or sell this replica, please do not omit the "Credits" page and please link to my youtube channel:


You'll also need to download the FREE templates available below (desktop) or above (mobile). Not the paid PDF provided by instructables - the .zip file is what you want. If you redistribute these files do not delete or modify the readme file.

Once you have all the supplies together, continue to the next step - no quibbling!

Step 1: Video Tutorial

Watch the video tutorial above or continue through the written steps that follow.

Step 2: Printing the Cover and Pages

The Cover

If you're printing on 11x17 paper, simply print the cover (double sided) and you're done. If you're using 8.5x11 paper, you'll need to print the front and back covers (double sided) and the cover spine. Then line up the spine overlapping on top of the front and back cover and glue the template together.

The Pages

Print out all pages double sided.

Step 3: Stapling, Gluing, and Cutting


Staple the inner pages together about 1/4 to 1/8 inch from the edge (see photos). You only need about 2 staples. We'll be gluing the pages together as well.


When you flip through the pages you just stapled, you'll notice the Muggle Magic links are visible between each page. Line up a piece of scrap paper along the edge of the gray Muggle Magic box (to protect your pages from getting glue on them) and use your glue stick to apply glue all over the Muggle Magic box. Now close the pages together and press the glue down. Now when you open the pages you should no longer be able to see the Muggle Magic box. Repeat this step until all 10 pages are glued together.

Once that's done, use your glue stick to apply glue all over the Muggle Magic boxes visible on the outside spine of your pages. You should glue the front, back, and along the spine. Now wrap the cover around the pages (make sure it's lined up well) and glue it on.


Now all that's left is trimming the white off from around the magazine. You can do this with a paper cutter or with your ruler and X-Acto knife. On a cutting mat, line the ruler up with the edge of the white space, push down so the Quibbler doesn't slide around, and drag the X-Acto knife along the edge of the ruler to make your cuts. Go over the same cut many times until all of the paper is cut through.

Also, you need to check both sides of the magazine as well as the inside full page ads to make sure all white space is removed. If you see any white space that shouldn't be there, trim off another small sliver until it's gone.

Step 4: You're Done!

Well, that was easy and painless! You're all finished!

Please let me know what you think and share your creations in the comments below!

Thanks for viewing!

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    Hey! I love your channel a lot and also I’m a potterhead so I’ve always wanted to get myself a quibbler. I tried to open the free templates. So can you please mail it to me?
    I’ll be grateful

    And also the templates aren’t opening so please
    Tell me if u can mail me so that I can give you the email id

    am i supposed to print everything double sided

    Wow this is amazing! I only have an a4 printer so i am going to use that but i don't thing it is a laser printer... Do you think photo paper would work??

    PS. I love your channel i have a whole cauldron of your DIYS

    Wow, amazing tutorial, gotta give it a try, thanks a lot for that ! I was wondering, what kind of paper do you use to print ? It looks a bit "glossy", like some real magazines. Photo paper maybe ?

    I actually used regular paper but this was printed with a laser printer which is what makes it look kind of glossy.

    Wow, even though I'm not such a HP fan, I gotta say this is a incredible detailed replica and an entertaining read! But I think I know someone who'd like it even more... So I'm definitely going to make one :D

    Whats the best way to re-scale this for a Din A4 printer? Adobe Acrobot has a "fit-to-size" option, but it unfortunately doesn't include any clearance (about 5mm on all sides) for the printer :(