Picture of The Quick, Fast, Rapid, Yummy-In-Your-Tummy Salsa
This summer we had an abundance of tomatoes.  When we had the threat of our first freeze my husband and I spent the evening out in the cold, cold rain picking tomatoes.  Bags and bag and bags.  What to do, oh, what to do with all these tomatoes?!  We canned, stewed and diced them.  A meal did not go by without a few tomatoes in it.  In an act of tomato inspiration the salsa came to fruition.

Step 1: Equipment

Picture of Equipment
About a year ago I started making my own castile liquid soap.  The tutorial I was following recommended to use an electric stick blender.    After doing a batch without one and my forearms sore as can be I ordered a stick blender.  I don't like having a bunch of crap taking up kitchen counter space and I'm pretty cheap so it was a big move for me.  I love my stick blender.  It is so versatile and it cleans up fast.  Even my husband steals it to make things like mayo.

Stick blender
a bowl OR the plastic cup that comes with the stick blender
sunshiine3 years ago
You should post a step by step on the green chili's with that video! I enjoyed it very much!
Chicken Girl (author)  sunshiine3 years ago
Thanks Sunshiine! It's on the list!
LOL. I noticed that after I posted here. Happy to see you join in on the fun! I wish you the best!
sunshiine3 years ago
Such a nice presentation! I loved the pictures! Thanks for sharing!