The Quick and Dirty Squib.


Introduction: The Quick and Dirty Squib.

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Make a squib (something that goes bang when you introduce an electric current) out of stuff lying around the home or office.

Step 1: Stuff You'll Need...

Wire (single core/ paper clips etc)
A broken light bulb
Pen knife
Long nose pliers
Crocodile clips and wire
Masking tape.

Step 2: Prepare the Wire.

Remove the filament from the bulb. Careful now. We don't want cut fingers.
It's like a coiled spring. Stretch it out. This will give you loads for future fun as you only need 1 1/2 inches at most.
Twist one end around a piece of wire, bend the wire over and crimp it with the pliers.
Repeat for the other side.

Step 3: Prepare the Masking Tape.

Grap a piece of tape long enough to house the filament and a decent amount of the wire and crease slightly lengthways to make a valley.
Scrape some match heads off into the valley. Neaten up any stray pieces with your knife.

Step 4: And Finally...

Lay the wire assembly through the valley of tape.
Roll the whole lot up, being careful not to spill the contents.
Add more tape to the ends, ensuring a tight seal around the wire and then more around the middle.
Tight is the key. If air can get in the this may just fizz instead of bang.

Step 5: The Finished Quick and Dirty Squib

This won't take long to make. Minutes.
It'll take forever and more to grow your fingers back. Don't be stupid and treat this with respect.
Don't connect this to the croc clips before checking that the other ends aren't attached to the battery.
You'll want to use a lot of wire so you can get distance between you and the squib. Use safety glasses. They don't look as stupid as a white stick.
The size of bang (pop) you get is dependant on how many matches you use. Don't be stupid.
I don't mean to sound like a grown up but I don't recommend you do this but if you do and you hurt yourself, don't cry to me.

Moan moan moan.
Can be used with my Quick and Dirty tripwires but please use caution.



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    Hey, you could also coat the outside in whiteout. Just another explosive idea. BP


    that would still be dangerous

    yeah but the resistance might be a little too high

    Yes! Seriously! 'Quick and dirty'. In the style of Macgyver. Using my ingenuity and whatever is around I will overcome all problems that are thrown at me.

    what about super thin magnet wire from an old transformer?

    yeah lol. go the modern MacGyver!

    i want your coffe mug (:

    can u make this with gun powder?


    nice Instructable,but you have no way to turn this thing off unless you are like 2 feet away from in when it goes off. These light bulb filaments can heat up real quick an catch stuff on fire exspecialy if this thing is in carpet, and what about the tape, can't that catch on fire to. If you don't turn this thing off quick this thing can get real dangerous real quick. You might want to think this one through alittle bit more so people won't get hurt.

    can you use the igniter for a model rocket instead of a 9 volt battery

    1 reply

    yes you can keep the wires seperate they have no insulation

    u could connect it to a tripwire thad be hilarious

    yes you can, i have tried it before.

    Love the mug

    awsome 5 stars