Picture of The Quick and Dirty Squib.
Make a squib (something that goes bang when you introduce an electric current) out of stuff lying around the home or office.

Step 1: Stuff you'll need...

Picture of Stuff you'll need...
Wire (single core/ paper clips etc)
A broken light bulb
Pen knife
Long nose pliers
Crocodile clips and wire
Masking tape.
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ninja_maker4 years ago
Hey, you could also coat the outside in whiteout. Just another explosive idea. BP
cant you use the the graphite from the inside of a pencil? I think you can.
that would still be dangerous
yeah but the resistance might be a little too high
light bulb filament? seriusly? dude. get some nichrome wire
Yes! Seriously! 'Quick and dirty'. In the style of Macgyver. Using my ingenuity and whatever is around I will overcome all problems that are thrown at me.
what about super thin magnet wire from an old transformer?
yeah lol. go the modern MacGyver!
kinkzy5 years ago
i want your coffe mug (:
i will go get my own cofee mug
pattermon5 years ago
can u make this with gun powder?
mo56 years ago
nice Instructable,but you have no way to turn this thing off unless you are like 2 feet away from in when it goes off. These light bulb filaments can heat up real quick an catch stuff on fire exspecialy if this thing is in carpet, and what about the tape, can't that catch on fire to. If you don't turn this thing off quick this thing can get real dangerous real quick. You might want to think this one through alittle bit more so people won't get hurt.
e-hizzle7 years ago
can you use the igniter for a model rocket instead of a 9 volt battery
yes you can keep the wires seperate they have no insulation
bobalini6 years ago
u could connect it to a tripwire thad be hilarious
I demand you send me your mug!!
yes you can, i have tried it before.
oniman76 years ago
Love the mug
goeon7 years ago
awsome 5 stars
HOMEPIE647 years ago
could you detonate with a remote control car? like take it apart and get the wires going to the motor and use those i have been trying to find out how to make a remote control squib
ye syou can if its got enough power
There's a scissorman?? Is there a scissorwife??
"Don't be stupid and treat this with respect."- Makes it seem like giving respect is stupid. Might want to edit that.
Nah, it's fine as it is. If people don't get the idea, then the gene pool won't be suffering. Thanks all the same.
Any steel wool will work, as long as there is a high enough amount of voltage being sent through (9v works fine).
I personally don't see why not. Most grades of steel wool "burn" to a 9v battery.
then do you think the winding wire stuff inside a small motor would be ok? it's about half the size of my steel wool, and I have a couple hundred meters of it. If it works...bye bye kitty...
I'm not completely sure, but I think the combination of thin wire and low conductivity makes steel wool burn. If it's inside a motor, it's probably copper, which conducts electricity much better than steel, so the resistance in the wire may not be great enough to heat it up. But if you don't care about the motor, you can try it; steel wool is pretty cheap and even cheaper when stolen from your neighbor's garage.
Yeah, really.
i just tried and failed, think i have to use a thicker wire? and do you know where i can get some nitric acid?
I say thinner. Make sure it's STEEL wool. Not just any metal wool won't work.
oh right its asbestos, of course its steel wool as far as i know they dont make anything else
They have other metal abrasive wools out there.
ah i see. sry bout being impatient and sarcastic in previous post.
when u break the bulb, use a jacket or towel. I cut my hands so many times because of shattered glass.
e-hizzle8 years ago
how big is the explosion with one math?
Alex Palfreman-Brown (author)  e-hizzle7 years ago
Geez I'm crap at replying. Sorry not been here for an age. When I originally made this, I used the filaments out of fluorescent tubes but any filament out of a bulb will do. Gets hot, blows up, job done.
reeding7 years ago
dude whered you get the mug its kickass
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