This is a 5 inch paper mache R2 dome.
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Step 1: Dome form

I started by making a dome form out of foam board covered in masking tape, onto which a paper mache shell will be made and then removed once it is dry.

Step 2: Dome form

To make the form completely smooth and uniform, I covered the masking tape with a layer of paper mache and then numerous thin layers of wood filler, sanding and priming in between each coat.

Step 3: Paper mache dome

The paper mache dome was made by wrapping plastic wrap tightly over the smooth finished form and adding layers of paper mache to it. When the paper shell is dry it pops right off the form. 

A metal ring was glued along the edge of the dome to strengthen it and a front eye piece made from foam board was added. The dome was then covered with another layer or two of paper mache.

Wood filler and primer were used much like on the form itself to create a finalized smooth shape.

Step 4: Base coat and details laid out

The base coat of paint is Rustoleum aluminum. Details were laid out in pencil.

Step 5: Details

Picture of Details
All the details were painted on with blue craft paint.

Step 6: Black eye piece

Picture of Black eye piece
The black eye piece was made with oven bake clay that was shaped, cooked, glued in place and painted black.

Step 7: Cut out details

Picture of Cut out details
Several places on the dome have cut out details. These were marked and then cut out with a hobby knife. Different backing pieces were created to glue in place behind the cut out areas.

Step 8: Lenses

Picture of Lenses
Lenses were made out of rolled up and painted pieces of cardstock. These were then glued in place on the dome.

Step 9: Light and sounds

I bought an R2 toy on amazon for about 10 dollars, and stole its guts to use for light and sounds.

That's it!
That's Way to cool for this woeld
Excellent job ! I have one of those Pepsi R2-D2 vendor coolers and like most the original dome was a piece of @#*% and easily broken, now I have an affordable solution to what was going to be a costly replacement.
cdog5571 year ago
I think r2 would love it it looks just like him
Super cool!
hickhamt1 year ago
a better instructable would have had an attractive busty female demonstrating it.... just sayin....
ajmckay1 year ago
Having trouble envisioning this... Is it comfortable? Does the boobage get scratched up inside?

If your wife won't model, someone needs to make this and model it.
wakojako1 year ago
Verry, very nice form for a bra!
But how did it look on a woman ;-)
Mark AJA1 year ago
You could add a small motor to each drone/cup so they could spin around and talk to each other.
karossii1 year ago
So is that an R2 D Cup?
wylekat1 year ago
Seems like these are the droids we're looking for!
Hume1 year ago
These are hilarious. It would be absolutely amazing if they spun around the way R2 does...

Pretty sure you could sell them to Katie Perry if you get that spin thing working.
cchoffman1 year ago
All you need now is to mount small cameras into it and catch all the peepers on video! LOL
That's a lovely pair of co...wait, droid heads. You know how to press the right buttons. If you found a live model, it surely would have made it to the "Cancel my ibles newsletter subscription Hall of Fame".
seamster (author)  caitlinsdad1 year ago
(removed by author or community request)
My eyes! My eyes!
Great stuff! I used the same R2 toys for my heels, but I like your application more.
russm3131 year ago
Love it, Seamster! I expect nothing but the best from you!
canida1 year ago
Amazing! And two versions - you're an overachiever. :)

Does your wife have feedback on the comfort of these R2D2 bras? Are there any suggested mods for the hordes of fans who plan to wear an R2D2 bra all day at Comicon?
Kiteman1 year ago
Oh, that's awesome - another excellent addition to the site's growing geek lingerie drawer.