Holy crap, I actually got that done fairly quick... Well, here it is. My huge, awesome sniper. The RBBAS(REALLY Big Bad@$$ Sniper)v2.1.It also happens to be my first attempt at an instructable...criticism welcome, as long as there is a 'list of shame'...
Ignore the first shot on the vid, it was a rare mishap...
v2.1 has an updated trigger than can now be used with more bands on it, a scope, and a slight mag adjustment.


-It's got a removable red rod mag that never jams(gotta tap on the pusher though...)
-True trigger
-Really good iron sights, and a scope(if you want)
-Swinging bipod that attatches to barrel when not in use
-Decent power(it has the ram pullback of the DD-27, while only using 9 connectors of friction....I'd say 30-40 feet with one double tied rubberband thats weaker than a #64)
-Scares anyone you point it at....


-Uses ALOT of pieces(for a gun)
-Barrel is a bit bendy
There you have it! LETS START!!!
I'll try a piece count in a bit...
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Step 1: The handle/stock combo

Simple enough, I think....
I didn't have enough time to try and disassemble the stock completely, and i figure that it is relatively easy.....

Step 2: The back body/barrel & trigger

The body is split into two steps, each fairly large. Bear with me here...

Step 3: The front body/mag chamber

This is the second part. A bit easier, I think...

Step 4: Fake barrel and bipod.

This is the barrel that has to rods stickin out, and looks cool...

Step 5: Put it together!

Picture of Put it together!

Step 6: DONE!!!!!

Congratulations! It's not my fault if you do something stupid with it...Please rate and comment!

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