Introduction: The R.C.S 720 (Remote Control Spy)

This is it!

The "Remote Control Spy" 720 (R.C.S).

This is one of my very few knex remote control carts.
The electrical parts came from an old toy car, stripped off the plastic body, and then i had some wheels that were controllable.
It can run up to 6 mph, and it weighs 1.2 kilograms.
The range of the controller is about 6 metres and the batterys of the cart last half an hour.
Enjoy the video and don't forget to rate and comment!

This is my entry for the TGKT.
Now you can enjoy!



I_am_Canadian (author)2008-12-27

Its kinda just some knex on a R/C Car... Very cool nonetheless. :-D Good luck in the TGKT

Skreetsha (author)I_am_Canadian2008-12-28

Don't underestimate the work that got into it, man. It took like 4 weeks to get it perfect! I had to take every single bit of toy car plastic off of it, then i needed to make a frame for the whole electronics bit... with knex! Thats is a though job, but you're right too a little bit, the insides are still an RC cart but without the whole plastic toy car frame... a knex frame it is! Anyway, thanks for saying that it is cool, and good luck in the TGKT! :-D

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2008-12-28

this is where lego kicks in..........I have a really old lego remote control set lying around, and I can use knex bricks to put all the knex on it. Its not capable of 360 turns however....

Skreetsha (author)DJ Radio2011-05-25

Sorry for the extremely late reply but, that's why I used a RC car, i think i have the same set you're on about. Lol

DJ Radio (author)Skreetsha2011-05-25

No, it's very different lol.

have you seen those really tiny pieces there insane

I know, and the black hands can do what I orginally thought they could do: Snap onto the end of a rod like a grey connector.

i no they have like 10 in. orange rods that bend like crazy

yeah lol n those pruple ones hey but u should see my dd-27 i made out of it lol

LOL but 1 q, how in teh heck did you make a ram for it?!?!?!?!?

a purple and like a slide yanno look at jamalams storm 220 yeah that sort of idea it worked, i got 40 ft from it lol

Skreetsha (author)DJ Radio2008-12-28

Lol, i saw those bricks :)

Mr. Stealth (author)Skreetsha2008-12-29

I got a box from my friend and they seem to be as versatile as the larger knex pieces, but I would choose the larger pieces any day.

Skreetsha (author)Mr. Stealth2008-12-31

Lol :P

slimshaddy (author)2011-02-16

can you plz post please i also rated and subscribed 5*

Skreetsha (author)slimshaddy2011-02-23

'Plz' is not a word in my dictionary so work on your grammar then come back okay? By the way, for all my OTHER posts that you apparently did not see because it wasn't interesting enough to look for.. It's scrapped.

firepup104 (author)Skreetsha2011-02-24


Skreetsha (author)firepup1042011-02-27

And you're 12! Jesus Christ, you don't even know what a 'dictionary' is? Bloody hell.. where's this world heading for. One question, do you like Ke$ha? Or Slipknot?

glugnar (author)Skreetsha2011-05-24

Are you asking whether he likes Ke$ha or Slipknot? Or, Do you like Ke$ha, what about Slipknot. If this is the latter then that is two and bloody hell what is this world coming to?

Skreetsha (author)glugnar2011-05-25

I meant it as in that most of Ke-dollar-ha's fans are uneducated tramps, and glitty-show macho boys.
Slipknot has a normal fanbase that don't run off if they see the sight of another new 'celebrity'. (This new celebrity being even worse then the previous ones such as Justin Bieber, or Rebecca Black and what worse there is to come..)

glugnar (author)Skreetsha2011-05-25

I do not care about any of that, and that did not answer my question, bloody hell what is this world coming to if somebody cant answer a simple question.


Skreetsha (author)2011-03-11

I just noticed, pause at 1:08 or something like that. Motorstorm on my tele.


ninjatesshin (author)2010-12-12


warengadia (author)2010-08-28

i dont understand

Orange Oz (author)2010-08-20

i beg for instructions for this vehicle truly made by gods!

Chowmix12 (author)2010-06-02

I have seen bluetooth software that uses your phone as a webcam... a cheap 5 dollar bluetooth dongle and you got live video straight from your phone!

Living The Dead (author)2010-04-24

Sorry for 3 posts, just forgot to mention that too see in the dark, you need infra-red LEDs that are small, and that only animals can see it biologically.

Living The Dead (author)2010-04-24

actually, I have a HD camera that can record ages of footage, and it's smaller than your cellphone, and the best part is, cameras can see infra-red, but humans can't. So if you can adjust angle of camera, you can probably make the best spy-car there is, as it can see in the dark, and it's quick. and yes, live footage is available too.

Living The Dead (author)2010-04-24

Frikkin awesome

TSC (author)2010-04-17


floryzzz (author)2010-04-16

 Nice work but  u cant see live

redmill (author)2010-04-07

isn't that the music from gta iv? in the first little video thing? btw: gr8 idea!

JoUcO (author)2009-10-18

Very Nice ;p

aseaheru (author)2009-09-15

turret cam?

Skreetsha (author)aseaheru2009-09-15


aseaheru (author)Skreetsha2009-09-15

turning cam on top...

Skreetsha (author)aseaheru2009-09-16

Sorry, too complicated. Btw, it's already scrapped, lol. :P

aseaheru (author)Skreetsha2009-09-18


astro boy (author)2009-09-13

if it had a live wireless cam and was quieter it would be better but man that is sweet! I want a small cheap camera for my MINI ROCKET XD i hope i can find one !! THIS IS AWESOME!!

Skreetsha (author)astro boy2009-09-15

Lols, i only had my cell phone as an option since i was not allowed to use the real camera cuz my parents were scared it would get crushed if i rashed the cart :P If i was allowed, it woulda had live camera! But i can't do anything 'bout the noise.

astro boy (author)astro boy2009-09-13

see my rocket

Skreetsha (author)astro boy2009-09-15

Spam, but a cool one :P Lol, nice flyin'

daniel2008 (author)2009-08-03

i think the whole point with spy cars is that it should send live wireless video back to the driver so you can actually see where you are going without following it around, otherwise you might as well drop the car...but good start on the concept.

mrdepo96 (author)daniel20082009-08-14

put a different camera on and BLAMO! a better spy car...

mrdepo96 (author)mrdepo962009-08-14

forgot to add: great idea, post an ible?

tincanz (author)2009-07-23

you should use an LED light or two to see in the dark.

Skreetsha (author)tincanz2009-07-24

I don't have one, and i don't want to buy one, because i'm sparing up my money for a new game; Mirror's Edge, PURE or waiting for Bioshock 2.

bmxkng46 (author)2009-07-05


An Villain (author)2009-06-30

okay, whatever volt then.

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