Step 6: There you have it!

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Thats it!   That's all there is to it.  5 Volts+ATMEGA168 = cheapest Arduino ever.   Be sure tell all your hacker friends about the cheapest Arduino of all time and space:  The Really Really Really Really Really REALLY Really Really Bare Bones Arduino!


Ghyorn2 years ago
1 atmega8-16pu = 1$
It's the same thing than an arduino but it only has 8kB of flash, bust trust me, it's enought for most of you projects. I have a bunch of them and put them everywhere.
Krayzi993 years ago
*gasps* *clutches chest* *falls on floor* OMG THANK YOU! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF BUYING A NEW ARDUINO EACH TIME!!!
marcosf634 years ago
Very good article. Congratulations!
useraaaaa4 years ago
PLZ create simple instructable
"how to make blinking LED"
without arduino
for $3
... and one video with this RRRRRRRRRRBBA working would be very helpful! Great article, thanks.
sephiroth674 years ago
I thought that was always the idea of the thing...you just buy the expensive arduino, then slap the ATmega on a cheap PCB and order a batch of ATmega chips...
jack11974 years ago
awesome it doesnt need an external osilator wow
saves space time and money
and whats that bad about 8 mhz instead of 16 mhz?, not much diference!
janw4 years ago
Super Instructable!

I never used arduino's for the same reason. I just buy the Atmega or attiny that I like. Some attiny's only cost 1euro so they are very cheap and often more than good enough for what you need.

And I you like to use the arduino as programmer or developmenttool (that's what is made for), thats ok but remove the atmega uC to integrate in you project and reuse the arduinoboard to program another uC.
drhoff5 years ago
holy cow! thanks for writing this. i knew you didn't need all the extra goodies of the arduino board to run the chip but i never knew you could run it without an oscillator or crystal. this will save me some money on my next project. thanks!