The Radioactive a (Scary Huge) Knex War Pistol


Introduction: The Radioactive a (Scary Huge) Knex War Pistol

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The name of this pistol has nothing to do with its looks or power because it actually was unnamed until I made my instructable. The song "radioactive" by imagine dragons was playing when I made the weapon and kind of inspired this gun. I have been on vacation for the past 12 days and loved every minute of it (there's my excuse for not being active) but when on vacation I designed the radioactive.

This pistol is huge and scary !!i am not responsible if you get scared half to death twice by this gun!!

P.S. Knife is for size comparison (yes I am getting paid by the NRA for putting a NRA knife in a few pics:) ! DONT TAKE MY GUNS OR KNEX GUNS! LoL )

Some facts about radioactive


Bolt action (bolt on top of gun)

Huge mag (50-55 yellow rods)

40-45 ft range (yellow rods)

Extreme rate of fire



Inaccurate (for a pistol)

Very unballenced

Very part consuming (for a pistol)



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    Yeah it is a "LITTLE" front heavy lol but it's not actually too bad

    Keeps scrolling down, still scrolling, scrolling a little more, oh there's the bottom of the mag. Lol that mag must make the gun just a little front heavy. Lol instructions would be nice.

    I forgot to note that it is a prototype and the bolt can't take the full force of the bands but I can post some pics of the bolt so you can use it

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    Sure. I can wait until instructions are posted.

    I will put instructions up in a few days (be patient I'm still unpacking from vacation)!!

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    I'm impressed by this pistol. It has a very neat look too it. And the bolt action mech is a great addition. This has been added to my favorites. :)

    And I (And probably some other people) would like instructions. In fact, there is a chance I would build it and clean the design up a little.