The Ramen Bar





Introduction: The Ramen Bar

If you've ever gotten tired or annoyed of the time involved in making ramen noodles just the way you like them or you don't like having all that extra broth, or if you just don't want to deal with the water and broth to begin with. I introduce to you; The Ramen Bar

I give credit to benstern for giving me the idea. I merely just beat him to making an instructable about it. Also it's my first one. I hope you like it.

Step 1: The Separation

The first step is simple; open the bag, dispose of the broken pieces of noodles (I eat them).

Step 2: Make It Adhesive-like

Now in order for our bar to hold our favorite flavor, in this case oriental, we must get it wet. Just run it under the water for no more than 5 seconds. All you need to do is get one side wet. The more water that gets to the noodles the more soggy it will become.

Also we don't want too much water making our noodles soggy, so we'll let the extra water spill off.

Step 3: Now We Apply Our MSG Filled Yummy-ness

I don't care if you feel like pouring the contents of the flavor packet or sprinkling evenly over the wet surface. Simple enough.

Step 4: OOPS!

So the packet has too much of our yummy flavor. Not a big problem, no need to fret! Just tap the bar over a garbage can to knock off the extra powder.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now you have your portable Ramen Bar. Now you can enjoy Ramen when you go walking or have a lack of a heating source.



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    45 Discussions

    Actually what i would do is crush the noodles add the packet of "flavoring" and squeeze in some lime! :D! man is that delicious! so now it isn't so dry and gives it that lemony taste i crave

    u just crush it up. put the stuff in. shake it. the eat it.

    Well thats YOUR SCHOOL haha. Just kidding. :-o Sophomores hate 8th graders! RUN!! Just kidding :-)

    No, that's first semester chem homework. Sadly neither chem class I took taught me anything about ramen... Perhaps my engineering course tho... Mass transport anyone?

    notice how he wrote H2O i would guess either 9th grade intro to physical science or 10th grade bio (ive had both and both involve the use of chemical compounds that simple)

    for a snack me and my friends usually just break it up add the flavoring and shake it up there done eat away

    Eew... Although... Tasty! I prefer to take one slab of ramen, crunch it up, and put it in a bowl of miso soup. Forget the flavor packet, Miso FTW!

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