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My project is ""The ravens. ""

How to make the clay raven . And how to looks the black kiln burning process, what is making the ravens in the black color. Ravens in my opinion are amazing birds. They are very clever and inspiring. And the autumn is the correct time to make some of these beautiful birds :) For this you only need the clay and some tools, but if you havent the clay, and possibility to take part in kiln burning process you also can use the other modeling materials, like modeling clays , that dried in air and can be painted. :) Hope you will enjoy. :)

Step 1: 1. Materials

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1. This is the project - claw ravens . I very love these birds, they are large end very clever. The autumn is very inspiring for making some ravens. :) For making process you need:

  • Clay, the red clay is the best
  • modeling tools,
  • clay stamping tools

Step 2:

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The first need to make the raven form

Simply make the body and head

Step 3:

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Next you can make the eyes, small clay spheres

Step 4:

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pupil can be created by printing with a straw

Then you can make the ravens

Step 5:

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When the raven eyes are ready , you can make the feathers with claytools printing. You can make the experiments and find something that will be the best for feathers printing in your case. They can be any kind of ornaments

Step 6:

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For open mouth making you will need the knife

Step 7:

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you can make the special feathers around the beak

Step 8:

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Go to work with the ravens body

Step 9:

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One older raven is waiting for his friend will be finished :)

Step 10:

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There you can see the tool what i am using for stamping

Step 11:

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Need to do ready the tail and the wings

Step 12:

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Now the bird is almost finished, there are only small details what to need to do

Step 13:

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Look at this face :D

Step 14:

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Also on the forehead need to be the feathers.

Step 15:

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Then the ravens are ready you will need when they dried out. There you can see my company. :)

Step 16:

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Now ravens are waiting for kiln. I havent my own kiln, That is the reason why i take the part with people, who have the black kiln. But that is the best, for ravens. Black kiln makes the poetry black.

Step 17:

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That is the heavy work to put all things in the kiln, because the works are fragile

Step 18:

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One more picture from work

Step 19:

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Can you see the raven? :D

Step 20:

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The kiln in fire :D

Step 21:

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That man is helping for this process, need to do fire all night.

Step 22:

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The fire process is ended, now all is waitng to get out the works from kiln

Step 23:

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Look , look there is raven! The my raven :)

Step 24:

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There is all my ravens and other creatures company :)

Step 25:

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The black raven. I hope you will like this step by step raven creating process, I accidentally found this competition, and this is my first time to take chance. I very love ceramics , and creating different animals :)


Cats Dragon (author)2016-10-26

Wonderful job on the ravens. I like your picture instructions. I will be making some of these! Thank you for posting. Voted

HollyMann (author)2016-10-20

Great job! :) They turned out amazing.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-10-16

Excellent decorations for Halloween.

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