Picture of The Recycled Library
I like to recycle. I am saving the environment. Easiest to recycle: trees. I am not going to bore you with any crazy statistics so let's get building!

HALT: Okay, I lied. Here is what happened. We use tissues. LOTS of tissues. I mean, the number of tissues my sister and I use is shocking. Anyways, if we have tissues, we have boxes. I have tried a multitude of times to use the boxes as enclosures for my projects but they never seem to work out. So exactly what does this have to do with anything. My sister was working on a project for Mother's Day (very well preparer) and she needed a box. However, she didn't need it NOW. About the same time her bookshelf appeared to be ready to explode. With books. So, she stuffed some into the tissue box. That is where everything began.

(Play inspirational music here)

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Step 1: The Elements

Picture of The Elements
You will need:
Oops. I guess I listed the wrong elements. I really meant:
1 Tissue Box (Use the Square-ish type)
A Bunch of books.
1 Permanent Marker.

Step 2: Rip it Up!

Picture of Rip it Up!
On the side you should see some flaps. Rip it up, but don't rip it off. Do the same with the other flap.

Step 3: Lift, Stuff and Label.

Picture of Lift, Stuff and Label.
Lift up the two tiny flaps and stuff your averaged sized books in there whether they are classics or not. Just don't go trying to stuff in some huge book like the COMPLETE version of Sherlock Holmes in.

Step 4: Enjoy.

Picture of Enjoy.
You can now enjoy your masterpiece. Of course, this still occupies space but it is small enough for you to carry it around wherever you may need it.

Downside: You can't store large books. I think I'll leave that to the stationary book shelves.

Start a collection! Before long I was starting to see the garbage cans less and less filled with tissue boxes.

(And I was getting more and more buried in DIY bookshelves ;-)
Nahual3 years ago
Did he start the FlatStanley craze?
blinkyblinky (author)  Nahual3 years ago