How to Make Origami Connectors for Equilateral Triangles



Introduction: How to Make Origami Connectors for Equilateral Triangles

This is one of the quick and easy origami out there. The red square paper above is the connector that can be used to connect two equilateral triangles. Using equilateral triangles, we can make models of regular polygon and polyhedron.

By the way, The Origami of Equilateral Triangle has be published. Please check it out!


Square Paper (the same paper size when you make equilateral triangles.

Step 1: The Paper.

Square. (same paper size with your equilateral triangles)

Step 2: Fold Into Four Equal Parts.

Make a crease (visible lines formed when you fold the paper).

Step 3: Cut Along the Crease

Step 4: Use One of the Four Parts of Paper That You Cut in Previous Step.

  • Fold it into four parts again.
  • Place any corner to the center of the paper. All corners. See images

Step 5: The Connector

Step 6: It's Time to Connect Equilateral Triangles!

Here is the link on how to make equilateral triangles.



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