Picture of The Red Dragon Instructable
Here, as a follow up to Make A Cardboard Dragon!, I have added this instructable to fill any voids left in aforementioned tutorial. Essentially all the same steps were followed, and have included pictures showing all steps.
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Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools

Picture of Gather Materials and Tools
All the usual paper and cardboard working tools are needed. Colored paper, scissors, cardboard, glue, acrylic paint. And time...lots of time.

Step 2: Cut Out Cardboard Parts First

Picture of Cut Out Cardboard Parts First
Draw the head and other parts onto cardboard, following the pictured templates. I have shown sizes to make this step easy. I use the bandsaw, but they can be cut with scissors and or a craft knife or scapel.

Step 3: Glue These parts together as Shown

Picture of Glue These parts together as Shown
Just follow the picture image notes, and you will have the foundation of the dragon, ready for painting and embellishment(s).

Step 4: Cut Out The Cardboard Circle Now.

Picture of Cut Out The Cardboard Circle Now.
I made my circle about 23 inches in diameter. It was easy to cut on the bandsaw. This needs to be primed, and both sides will need to be covered. If done now, paint will be dry when you are ready to put the final coat on towards the end.

Step 5: Prime All Cardboard Parts

Picture of Prime All Cardboard Parts
This probably isn't necessary, but I like to do it as it gives brighter colors on the final product.

Step 6: Paint Primed Cardboard Parts

Picture of Paint Primed Cardboard Parts
For this dragon, I chose a bright red paint. Apply so that coverage is total, and allow to dry. Next, paint the scales on the dragon by diluting your base red with a pale yellow. Use a 1/4 inch "scruffy" brush and just dab on in the pattern shown. Practice a little, but the goal is to put just enough color on the dragon to simulate scales. Do not pat them on in a straight line, rather make semi-circular patterns to contour the areas you are working on.

Step 7: Cut out Head "Fins"...

Picture of Cut out Head "Fins"...
These are the parts that surround the dragon...I guess you would call them "fins"...they're fan fins! Fold the pieces of paper by scoring first, and then alternate with a "valley" fold and a "mountain" fold. Your results should look like those pictured.
starplayer4 years ago
I love this dragon. Seriously. I love your dragons
 any chance of getting some detailed plans of each piece? maybe something printable? I'm fairly artistically challenged, but I really like this project!
tatsuki105 years ago
what would u do if u wanted the dragon to b smaller? like, do u have any suggestions for measurements if the circle is... 26.4cm in diameter?
Creativeman (author)  tatsuki105 years ago
Use ratio and proportion and scale it down! Cman
smilee5 years ago
This is awesome i'm starting this weekend!
DebH575 years ago
This just gets better all the time CMan. 5
Creativeman (author)  DebH575 years ago
Thanks Deb! Cman
Arbitror5 years ago
Great job! The green one also looks awesome!
Creativeman (author)  Arbitror5 years ago
Thanks Shadow Ops. Cman
JellyWoo5 years ago
Very nice!
Creativeman (author)  JellyWoo5 years ago
Thanks JellyWoo. Cman
wenpherd5 years ago
that is so amazingly awsome
Creativeman (author)  wenpherd5 years ago
Thanks wenpherd. Cman
BrindaMS5 years ago
wow. looks great!
Creativeman (author)  BrindaMS5 years ago
Thanks Brinda. Cman
alcurb5 years ago
Here again, beautiful work. Its a nice companion piece for the green one http://www.instructables.com/id/Make-A-Cardboard-Dragon/. I still would like to see a template, but you provide enough pictures that I think it is now easier to to recreate it leaving room for individual creativity. I'm starting mine this week.

I can hardly wait to see what you come up with next.
DebH575 years ago
I have to say CMan this is top of the line, quite a fabulous creation!
Creativeman (author)  DebH575 years ago
Thank you so much Deb. Cman
Kiteman5 years ago

Well worth the Feature flag.
Creativeman (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thank you sir! Cman
I thunk trogdor is green not red.
CrawdadMan5 years ago
I cant resist ..... TROGDOR!
L0ch_n3ss5 years ago
Love it! I'm going to try something like this... Thanks for the inspiration.
Creativeman (author)  L0ch_n3ss5 years ago
You're welcome, and good luck. Cman
noahh5 years ago
Must.. Not... Make... Trogdor... Reference.....
fishhead4555 years ago
FLATULATIONS, FER SHER. Now even we drolls with an IQ three points below plant life can do this. I happy now.
! xD !5 years ago
Not gonna lie, this is really tiiiight. Ive been looking for a project that uses easy-to find materials, but invovles skill to make. Plus, the whole personalization of this one is an added bonus for me, Thanks! Best of luck in the cardboard contest, I'll vote for ya! -xD
klmac35 years ago
Can this be made out of just construction paper and colored card stock for a Junior High art project?
Creativeman (author)  klmac35 years ago
I think so. Cman
nnygamer5 years ago
Another cool one and this time with full instructions, excellent.
Creativeman (author)  nnygamer5 years ago
Thanks nny. Cman