The Red One (Mobile Speaker)


Introduction: The Red One (Mobile Speaker)

Hello community

This is my first instructable :-) i hope you enjoy.

I used old Computer Speaker for this project - the Speedlink Definition SL-8020/8021.

The case is plastic from an old Dell Screen, and 3 layers Putty.

Paired with a Amplifier from a HP Soundbar give a little red sound cube with 2x 2.6 Watt

Power comes from a 2600mah powerbank. 6-8 hours play music with this powerbank.

thx for watching



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    Wow, nice! The case is really impressive, considering the transformation from what how all the pieces started out.

    You've got enough photos to actually break this into multiple steps, if you wanted. I think it would be great to read a little more detail on how you put that case together and finished it up so nice! :)