I was inspired by Frits Lyneborg's Yellow Drum Machine.  Watching the videos, it has such personality!  I have also been thinking recently about sound and robotics.  I did some research looking for a version of the robot that used the Arduino as a brain, but couldn't find one that seemed so responsive and alive as Frits' version.

I have attached the Arduino code for the robot.  You will need to create a folder in your Arduino library and put both files in the folder.  I separated the data for the "songs" because the code just got too long.

Step 1: Creating a stable base

 For the robot base, I used a Six Leg Walking Gearbox Kit # 21-135, which is available from several different sources.  Here's one source:  http://www.jpmsupply.com/servlet/the-658/Gearbox,-Walking,-Elenco,-Kit,/Detail .  

I had previously created an Arduino-based robot that used an h-bridge motor control chip to run the motors.  It also has a 6volt 1000mAH rechargeable NiCad battery that was rectangular and flat for power.  But that's all it had. 

I love spheres, so I took an acrylic Christmas tree ornament from Hobby Lobby and cut a hole in the bottom to pass wires through.  I used 1 1/2 inch #6 bolts and nuts as standoffs to hold the sphere above the six-legged base.

But once I created the first hi-hat stick, I realized that I had no stable place to attach it to.

I had some 1/8 inch thick plastic sheet laying round, so I marked out a stretched hexagon to use as the base.  I cut it out with a dremel and a plastic cutting blade.  I attached it to the base with #6 machine screws.  The base has some places that will take a machine screw.
<p>How much would this cost? and how long did it take you??</p>
Sorry for the late reply....I've been a bit busy and out of the country. I reused a lot of parts I had originally put in other robots. I would guess that it could take 20+ hours if all goes well. And I would just really guess maybe $80 to $100 if you had to buy everything. <br>
<p>I have the issue of MAKE the original yellow drum bot was featured.</p>
I can post the Arduino code if anyone is interested.
interested?!?!?!?! of course, i've been looking for this for ages!!!!!
That's all kinds of awesome!
What an adorable little robot! <br /> <br />Great instructions, too - thanks for all the videos. :D
Thanks. I agree that he has more personality than any other robot I've created.

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