Picture of The Revenge of the Yellow Drum Machine (Arduino)
I was inspired by Frits Lyneborg's Yellow Drum Machine.  Watching the videos, it has such personality!  I have also been thinking recently about sound and robotics.  I did some research looking for a version of the robot that used the Arduino as a brain, but couldn't find one that seemed so responsive and alive as Frits' version.

I have attached the Arduino code for the robot.  You will need to create a folder in your Arduino library and put both files in the folder.  I separated the data for the "songs" because the code just got too long.

Step 1: Creating a stable base

Picture of Creating a stable base

 For the robot base, I used a Six Leg Walking Gearbox Kit # 21-135, which is available from several different sources.  Here's one source:  http://www.jpmsupply.com/servlet/the-658/Gearbox,-Walking,-Elenco,-Kit,/Detail .  

I had previously created an Arduino-based robot that used an h-bridge motor control chip to run the motors.  It also has a 6volt 1000mAH rechargeable NiCad battery that was rectangular and flat for power.  But that's all it had. 

I love spheres, so I took an acrylic Christmas tree ornament from Hobby Lobby and cut a hole in the bottom to pass wires through.  I used 1 1/2 inch #6 bolts and nuts as standoffs to hold the sphere above the six-legged base.

But once I created the first hi-hat stick, I realized that I had no stable place to attach it to.

I had some 1/8 inch thick plastic sheet laying round, so I marked out a stretched hexagon to use as the base.  I cut it out with a dremel and a plastic cutting blade.  I attached it to the base with #6 machine screws.  The base has some places that will take a machine screw.
carfin331 year ago

I have the issue of MAKE the original yellow drum bot was featured.

techiebot (author) 3 years ago
I can post the Arduino code if anyone is interested.
interested?!?!?!?! of course, i've been looking for this for ages!!!!!
depotdevoid3 years ago
That's all kinds of awesome!
What an adorable little robot!

Great instructions, too - thanks for all the videos. :D
techiebot (author)  jessyratfink3 years ago
Thanks. I agree that he has more personality than any other robot I've created.