Due to the many flaws of my previous Instructable....
I have created a new and improved one...MWHUHUA!!!
I have pondered for a couple months, and i have decided That since the general public  doesn't know what the zombie virus's symptoms or what the zombies Behavior will be like, i will focus on what is important, informing people of how to survive Apocalypse or as i like to call it...
"When the Sh*t hits the fan"
Good luck zombie hunters... you'll need it...

Step 1: Some Guidlines Before We Begin......

you don't have to follow the following "rules" just remember that these "rules" are what keep you alive during W.T.S.H.T.F. day, hopefully.....

Rule #1 When the zombies "rise from the grave" don't leave your house.

Why? In the event of a zombie attack, theirs going to be lots of people that will loot stores and killing innocent people just so that they could have their belongings. you have a better chance of survival indoors rather then outside of your house.

Rule #2 Before the zombies attack, buy everything you'll need before hand.

Why? This is one of those rules that needs no explanation, but if i must i will tell you why...
YOU AREN'T GONNA FIND A  SHOTGUN AND A WHOLE CRATE OF AMMO IN THE MIDDLE OF APOCALYPSE!!!!!! The lies the directors of  the movie zombie-land made people believe that you can find almost everything you need on your own in apocalypse.
The truth is that the odds of finding a whole bag of military-grade firearms in the back of a H3 hummer is quite slim, this depends on how long time has passed after W.T.S.H.T.F. day.

Rule #3 if your on the go, pack light.

Why? Because if you don't pack light you will hinder your movement and this will make your journey longer and more dangerous, if you travel light, you'll shorten your estimated travel time and will be able to defend yourself when zombies or raiders attack.

Rule #4 learn everything you might want to know before hand

Why? Simply because its better to learn everything you can that will aid your survival!

Rule #5 Think before you do

Why? because if you don't, more then likely you'll end up zombie chow...

The next section will be on your "survivor type".
<p>You forgot to add the final step for those in the Republik Of Australia: Go Directly To Jail for possessing just about any item in your kits :(</p>
<p>It is quit useful, but yet we are all determined to fail and even then we think we can survive but the infection would either be air borne, water spread or is spread with a cut or bite and either way air, water, or physical trancision we are all infected</p>
<p>Wow! It must have taken the writer at least 2 weeks to watch all of the silly movies he needed to get all of the BS scribbled in this instructable (if thats what this is concidered)! There is far too much disinformation in here! Laughable at best! </p>
<p>Every one will survive by this</p>
<p>No offence meant to anybody that reads this, but everyone does realize that no matter how much you buy, you WILL run out of ammo eventually. So unless you know how to make a bullet without blowing up, I would suggest a compound bow, or a high powered traditional bow, (re-curve), and a sword/machete, or a long knife. Mainly because a bow is a long distance weapon, and the arrows are fairly simple to make, and reuse. The sword or knife are extremely helpful because there are going to be some times, when you don't have time to draw and aim, or its too small of a space, so just whip out your sword and hack those zombies into tiny peices! (Also, I imagine zombies and raiders would be attracted to noise...)</p>
not to be mean but a clip is used to load an internal magazine and a magazine is what holds the bullets.
Best tutorial so far!
NO!!!!! not a bmw! get a yamaha pw250! with rack and a few bungee cords and it will be faster, more range, better off road and its kick ass! Sorry, im a bit mad about bikes and thats my choice for an apocalypse! <br>(Im 14 and short so i have the pw 80)
I am only 15, I live with my parents, however, most ages can prepare for ANY kind of disaster. I have taken survival class, gone on many 10-30 mile hikes, and I research S.H.T.F and other disasters. My point is, you don't have to be a millionaire to survive. <br>I am a brown belt in Karate. I go to the gun range every week - 2 weeks. <br> <br>Prepare, not only for Zombies, but hurricanes and more! Study and start taking classes in your free time.
Gasoline has a shelf-life of a few years or more. Once the gas-stations have been sitting around for a while, they'll stop being so effective. And without electricity for the pumps, you won't be able to get the gas out the tanks.<br>This means you'll have to syphon.<br><br>The best thing to do is find a vehicle that runs on propane or some type of gas, this has a very very long shelf-life. It's mostly found on small construction vehicles or vehicles that don't do very big distances and don't go on the road. Think forklifts and airport vehicles.
or get a diesel. <br>Mine runs on anything.
You are going to siphon gas .... uphill. Good luck with that.
Or, find an old carb fed truck, and feed it all the moonshine you have been making and storing for said event... I don't know if a fuel injected system would sustain the burn of running moonshine, but growing up in the south, I know old 350's, 400's, and 454's will run on it. Just a thought....
I wouldn't ever get a fuel injected engine, because if theres nukes involved..... <br>your fuel injected engine is going to be as useless as a one inch dildo....
Diesel is a better alternative.
i would rather use bio-diesel...
I would have made an instructable on how to make your own suppressor/silencer but I doubt it would be well received by the admin. <br>It involves buying a fake suppressor, which they do make, and using a bunch of washers. That's all I'll put, I'm sure you can find it online. Other than washers, some use US quarters too.
I do want to note, I am not dissing on your instructable. You have some GREAT advice, that's the only reason I'm reading it. We are simply SHARING ideas. <br>Sharing will keep you alive. <br>And your list of survivors, I agree with the 3 types. <br>I'm #2 on your list.
As for firearms, even though I bought a .45 MAC-10, I won't rely on it. <br>Reason is, keep your firearms in caliber with your military and NATO. <br>As that will be the easiest ammo to come across once the deification hits the rotary oscillator. <br>So: <br>Rifle: a .223 caliber, the AK, though a good rifle, uses an ammo that NATO does not. <br>Shotgun: 12 gauge <br>Pistol: 9mm. I prefer a .40, but let's face it, you will never find ammo for it. <br>And stock up on .22 and get yourself a decent .22 rifle and pistol. Reason, they are good for hunting game and they will still kill AND....the ammo is CHEAP. <br>I just picked up a 'brick' of 555 rounds of .22 for $18.00 <br>Remember, Buy now, or Pay later.
On the radio, Midland makes a very nice one, that you can hand crank for power, that is also a CB for about $70. <br>TrueSwords.com also has some very nice full tang knives for $10, so that extra money you don't spend on a Ka-Bar you can put to something else. <br>Survival doesn't have to be expensive if you're diligent.
As for &quot;peasant weapons&quot;, check out this site for inexpensiveness: <br>www.trueswords.com <br>They also have gas masks for $16, dehydrated food, fire starters, etc.
Pawn Shops. <br>That is all. <br>I just bought a VMAC45 (MAC-10) for $475 and a 12g Remington 870 for $200
a remington .308 is a good bolt gun its rounds are a few mm shorter than a 30-06 <br>
Build a large underground bunker to live in and stock it with supplies, maybe army surplus. Maybe have setups for creating ammo, improvised weaponry, fuels, ect.
what happens when the zombeis see the smoke from your power generator and decide to seige your compound? i love underground bunkers, i really do, but they are not the best when zombies come around, the bunkers are awesome in nuclear attacks, but not so much when your beseiged by the infected.
Zombies retain only the VERY basic of instincts; breathing and eating. Zombies would not have the mental capacity to put two and two together and realize that where there is smoke there are people. And also the motorcycle is a bad idea because they are very loud and consume fuel which there is precious little in a post-apocalyptic scenario. A normal bicycle would do much better because they are easy to repair, part would likely be available due to their low demand rate and they are just as quiet as walking while still being 3-4 times as fast as walking. Speaking of sound, you would probably be smarter to buy a normal suppressor for the ak-47 as opposed to a flash suppressor because zombies are attracted to sound, especially while sniping. It would be more important to remain unheard than unseen, at a long distance your flash would probably be hard to spot anyway, depending on the conditions. Just my opinion on the matter, thank you!
Sell this!
Everytime I see this thing, I love it, using the riot shield as a cover is great.
The Samuria Sword is used on Vampires so how about ZZZZZZZZ
im sorry, but if your a lone wolf then you want to be light. taking AK 47's and all that are pointless. you want a long ranged gun that has readily available ammo a machete a pistol and you need stuff like rope a pump and all that other stuff. your never going to try and take on a group of bandits because you will be making sure they will never know you are there...
why do none of these have silencers? when you fire at a zombie any that arent already destroyed(dead) will come running after you<br>
The answer is a bow and life in a rural mountain/forest area.<br><br>Then you have infinite ammunition and a superb lack of hostiles, as well as long term food sources.
That is a idea, but if you watch The Walking Dead, it didn't work out too well for Daryl after he got injured.
Is that in season 1? thats the only one Ive seen.<br><br>In that case, a small group of people. <br><br>8 men and 8 women of breeding age, to keep the population out of inbreeding.
agreed. you have everything you need in forests.
To purchase and possess a sound suppressor you need to file appropriate documentation followed by paying the tax stamp and probably forming a trust. It'd not be good to leave this device around in an accessible case. The restrictions on sound suppressors are such that limitations on legal ownership exist and as this is a small pool of customers, the prices for the device are high. Federal Laws will prevent many of us from being effectively armed to meet the zombie menance. We should act now by calling our congress dudes an dudettes. <br> <br>Sorry...couldn't help it. <br> <br>I love this concept. I'd like to do the same with a real riot shield with a metal container sides, back, top and bottom and have the riot helmet sitting up top.
There is no such thing as a silencer, only a suppressor, and even if you had a suppressor, the sound from the rifle round will carry for ,maybe, half a mile.<br>
Unless you have a solid metal bat, which would be cool, I wouldn't bother. <br><br>Machete, Handaxe, Hooligan Tool, Crowbar would be all awesome tool. Make sure you have a wetstone to keep em sharp!<br><br>I am planning on getting a shotgun, Canada it would be ALOT harder to get automatics and handguns here.<br><br>Bow or crossbow would be another suggestion, make sure you do alot of training with maniquins or such.
This is real entertainin exept for teh pore gramer an spelin .
i got a katana, i dont know what you would call it its a like bent machete. then i got a sledge hammer and a gun barrel with nails sticking out.
... a katana is nothing like a machete.
this is a really good guide, ive been longing up guides just to see what people think and this is by far the best most weel informed guide ive ever read. but for travel i suggest a mobile home like the one used in walking dead. or a truck.
I love the combo shied-cover for container. <br> <br>Thanks much, this is inspirational for a fun project!
EXPLOSIVES! (see zombie bits on a wall)
Get a Kukuri...... it's good.
As far as revolvers go, you forgot the king of them all: The Judge. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taurus_Judge
The Taurus Judge is fail. Not much more than a nifty range toy. See theboxoftruth.com for a test of its lethality.
Although the thought of a small package throwing a ton of lead down range at a high rate of fire may sound good, I have to disagree with the Mac-10. Having fired one I can honestly say it's more of a spray and pray weapon, especially for those new to the weapon. To put it simply, the Mac-10 achieves accuracy through volume. Being a 9mm though, makes the ammo very common so that alone may be this weapons saving grace.<br>I guess I'd rather have a mac-10 than nothing at all. :D

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