This is a side arm for my Sniper Rifle. It hold about seven shots, is pocket sized and is great fun! Hope you like it! Lets Start Building....

Step 1: The Magazine

1. What you are making
2. make
5. attach
6. add white and green rods

Step 2: Trigger

1.view 1
2. view 2
3. view 3

Step 3: Barrel

2.add (don't add y connector at the back holding the blue rod)

Step 4: Put It All Together

1.Attach mag
2.Add y connector
3.Attach Trigger

Step 5: Other Stuff

3.Make (Tape Well)

Ok people having trouble with the mag system. Load it with green rods. put the mag pusher in and strap a rubberband around it 
<p>ur good with knex... Try building Barrett .50 cal</p>
<p>my bad my design uses one y</p>
<p>Also, pls dont accuse me of stealing ur design if i post an instructable for a gun like this. I modded it to meet my needs. I didnt have enough y's, so i modded it to not need y's.</p>
<p>is there an alternative to y connectors. I only have 2. To me, they're an 'exotic' piece.</p>
<p>nice gun, but improve the istructions a little bit.</p>
this looks familiar to K.G.B's pocket pistol but i still like it 5* <br>
Nice clever liddle design. I'm impressed
Nice clever liddle design. I'm impressed
During the built of the pistol i coudn't wait untill it was ready so i could shoot myself with it!!!!! Yu should really inprove the instructions, it's not very clear and easy. But it was worth the hour of trial and error building it! It is the ideal sidearm for my sniper kit.
TAwesome gun best one I have made so far
u stoal this design ive seen this before
how do u shoot please answer
pull the trigger?<br />
uh i meant how to i get it ready how do i load cock and fire.
have you attached any rubber bands to it yet?<br />
yes but i cant figure out what i do what do i pull what do i flick that stuff<br />
there should be a stick coming out of the back of th gun, and is removable, if i remember correctly. pull this back, a piece of ammo should go up into tthe barrel, pull the trigger, and you should be good.<br />
crap mine dont work i used mini knex
Oh, that's why. Mini k'nex are a bit different than regular k'nex.
this gun sux won teven fire cuz the barrel is too small and mag not working u shuld try and update it all<br />
This is an awesome pistol! However, I couldn't get the mag to work. Its okay tho, cause I built in some extra ammo on the side. Also, to get it to shoot straighter, use white rods. They work great! 5*****
No offense but this thing is PUNY!<br />
&nbsp;post better images(for the barrel in particular)
i came up wih the briliant idea to put two side by side, shoos two, like a derringer!!!!!<br />
2 things.<br /> &nbsp; 1.&nbsp; telling us where to put rubberbands might help...<br /> &nbsp; 2.&nbsp; isnt the mag supposed to be towards the end of the gun and the trigger closer to the back?&nbsp; it's not that way on this.<br /> <br />
Also when i pull the trigger, the ram gets stuck in the barrel.<br /> <br />
built it.<br /> fired it.<br /> loved it. :D<br />
now i need to make two of these, and duel wield them &gt;.&gt;<br />
it looks like a small change of the okp
yes, now that the OKP is gone this is the smallest posted MFTTKG.
i still got it, i keep any deleted but amazing pistols, you want the 'ible?
i still have one too.
If you still have it, P0$T!!!!!
no, oblivitus has images.
hahaha, this is nice
i know.
If you still have it, P0$T!!!!!
what about the mini gun???
no, it has to look like a pistol.
no, It's not. the germ is.
sorry, my bad, i mean the smallest pistol-shape true trigger pistol. and in my opinion the tick, germ. are not pistols, they are mini-guns.
what about dunkis mini gun!
no, that is a cube.
i had a similar magazine for a gun i tried to make but it didn't work (the gun)
what bullet does it shoot please add sony444444
it shoots a green\black rod (small) the standard amo for a pocket gun
This gun is AwEsOmE!!! I have loads of fun with it...only problem; the bullet doesn't fire straight...wait! thats a good thing! now i can "accidentally" shoot my sisters!!!
lol have fun xD

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