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Introduction: The Ridiculously Clever Dock

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Hi Again

Recently The USB devices grown in masive quantity , with usb drives , iPods , PSP , MP4 , Cell Phones, ETC....

I Decided To make a very low budget USB dock , And very , very easy to use and Do .

So, I decided To post this instructable

BTW:No More crappy shots , new camera , yeash!1!

Update : My Dream Came True, Now Im In Make Blog !!!111!
Update 2 : lol I am also in Lifehacker
Update 3 : My Dock Also Appears In Flickr , In Digg , IN iPhone Savior , IN And In A lot More !!!!1

Step 1: The Material and Price List

1-A Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly - It Spent 9.00 Pesos ( Approx 0.90 Dollars)
2-(Optional)A Small Rubber/Elastic Band - Free - salvaged ( They cost about 1.00 a package with 50)
3-The Cable Of Your Dockable Device
4-Your Dockable Device


Step 2: Assemble

First: Open the Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly and let it there

Now:If you use an iPod you may want to keep the dock plug'n'play always (like me) i recommend to wrap the cable , so the small "teeth" disappear .

Step 3: Assemble Part DOS

First : Clip the dock connector in the Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly

Then: Thread the USB cable throug an Arm of the Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly

Step 4: Assemble Part TR3S

Very Simple , Lay It there ,
Then connect in any available usb port

Step 5: Dock & Roll

Dock Your Device .


hope you liked My instructable

Tilt if desired

Any Tweaks , Suggestions, Or Anything Else , Put it in da comments

BTW: Feel Free To upload photos of your Dock(s)



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    thanks a bunch, i was looking for spare docks from apple around my house because I am setting up this dj thing to run through my ipods really easily, but i needed somei=thing for it to be proped up on while charging, then I went on instructables, saw this built it in under a minute and walla

    This is beyond awesome. Thanks so much!

    Just saying to everyone: It's called a SYNC CABLE!

    alright this is mine taken in my room but my camera cord was broken so it was taken a couple months ago

    this isnt my dock anymore because i lost the clip (i found it on the floor at school and thought of this) and the pics were taken on my nightstand

    now i turned my nightstand into a dock by making a half-*** in desk(nightstand) dock with speakers but it is temporary so i can take the cords out and cover up the hole and the instructable and pics will be here.

    also the first pic with the ipod on has a picture of my baby brother passed out on the floor when he was tired and he was not harmed

    and sorry i keep rambling but as for the dock, i think it was a great idea my ipod cord shell case thing was scratched up but so is my ipod.
    five stars *****!

    2 replies

    hah! pretty clever i must say ... i see you also have a small mess over there ...

    yeah those drawers were from a walmart plastic drawer set and i made a mini speaker dock out of them and i was gonna make an instructable but my webcam wasnt recording when i cut the holes but glad you like it

    but wont the clip squeese the wire to death? like after a while... by the way great instructable... exactly what we need... simple effective tricks that WORK!! :)

    1 reply

    Most of the time , the clip stresses and it looses a little bit of force

    it simplicity owns

    This design is great for light USB devices, but it would put too much strain on the connectors of both the cable and devices for something like an iPod. Great idea none the less.

    BUENISIMO! voy a hacerlo y despues te cuento como me salio! gracias!

    hey! isn't the ipod video too heavy to be hanging like that? i mean, doesn't the dock cable or the ipod break or anything after many use? putting it on and off many times... do you get what im saying? sorry if my english is not very good, im from argentina!!

    1 reply

    no te os preocupeis no es tan pesado , En general , El conector no se rompera tan facilmente , es probable que la distribucion de peso sea mas uniforme si bajas un poco mas el conector , yo soy de mexico FYI

    my friend and I added more to the dock to make a charging speaker dock, and I used the binder clip for support so my device won't fall backwards And used mesh material from my amp and then put speakers behind it and added an ornament to make it shine. I can also tilt it sideways to play videos. On a shoe box. Hope you like it.

    2 replies

    COoOoOol , Good use of the binder clip , is it epoxied ? BTW: were did ya obtained the Squier Logo?

    I just hot-glue-gunned the binder clip to the box and got the squire logo from my amp.

    Actually , Not , most of the strain is in the connector , you don't need to be worried , your device don't weights 1000 kilos (aka a Ton)