The Ridiculously Clever Dock





Introduction: The Ridiculously Clever Dock

Hi Again

Recently The USB devices grown in masive quantity , with usb drives , iPods , PSP , MP4 , Cell Phones, ETC....

I Decided To make a very low budget USB dock , And very , very easy to use and Do .

So, I decided To post this instructable

BTW:No More crappy shots , new camera , yeash!1!

Update : My Dream Came True, Now Im In Make Blog !!!111!
Update 2 : lol I am also in Lifehacker
Update 3 : My Dock Also Appears In Flickr , In Digg , IN iPhone Savior , IN And In A lot More !!!!1

Step 1: The Material and Price List

1-A Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly - It Spent 9.00 Pesos ( Approx 0.90 Dollars)
2-(Optional)A Small Rubber/Elastic Band - Free - salvaged ( They cost about 1.00 a package with 50)
3-The Cable Of Your Dockable Device
4-Your Dockable Device


Step 2: Assemble

First: Open the Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly and let it there

Now:If you use an iPod you may want to keep the dock plug'n'play always (like me) i recommend to wrap the cable , so the small "teeth" disappear .

Step 3: Assemble Part DOS

First : Clip the dock connector in the Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly

Then: Thread the USB cable throug an Arm of the Binder Clip/Bullclip/Mauly

Step 4: Assemble Part TR3S

Very Simple , Lay It there ,
Then connect in any available usb port

Step 5: Dock & Roll

Dock Your Device .


hope you liked My instructable

Tilt if desired

Any Tweaks , Suggestions, Or Anything Else , Put it in da comments

BTW: Feel Free To upload photos of your Dock(s)



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    thanks a bunch, i was looking for spare docks from apple around my house because I am setting up this dj thing to run through my ipods really easily, but i needed somei=thing for it to be proped up on while charging, then I went on instructables, saw this built it in under a minute and walla

    This is beyond awesome. Thanks so much!

    Just saying to everyone: It's called a SYNC CABLE!

    alright this is mine taken in my room but my camera cord was broken so it was taken a couple months ago

    this isnt my dock anymore because i lost the clip (i found it on the floor at school and thought of this) and the pics were taken on my nightstand

    now i turned my nightstand into a dock by making a half-*** in desk(nightstand) dock with speakers but it is temporary so i can take the cords out and cover up the hole and the instructable and pics will be here.

    also the first pic with the ipod on has a picture of my baby brother passed out on the floor when he was tired and he was not harmed

    and sorry i keep rambling but as for the dock, i think it was a great idea my ipod cord shell case thing was scratched up but so is my ipod.
    five stars *****!


    hah! pretty clever i must say ... i see you also have a small mess over there ...

    yeah those drawers were from a walmart plastic drawer set and i made a mini speaker dock out of them and i was gonna make an instructable but my webcam wasnt recording when i cut the holes but glad you like it

    but wont the clip squeese the wire to death? like after a while... by the way great instructable... exactly what we need... simple effective tricks that WORK!! :)

    Most of the time , the clip stresses and it looses a little bit of force