The "Ring-Box" Ring





Introduction: The "Ring-Box" Ring

Hi, this is my instructable for the "Ring Challenge". It's something I invented a while back. I called it the "Ring-Box Ring". It's the only ring box that will allow you to display your ring directly where it belongs (on her finger), without spoiling the surprise. It's shaped like a ring and it opens once the real ring inside reached it's target.

Step 1: Making the Original Shape

I used cardboard 1 mm thick. I cut it with an x-acto knife and glued it together with wood glue. I didn't used any patterns at first, my only concern being the dimension of the hole. You want the box hole to be the same size as the ring's hole. We'll assume that the ring is the right size. (In all the movies I saw it was). The rings come in various shapes and sizes so I thought that's going to be a real problem for mass production. In the mean time 3d printers came along making it easy to produce anything you can think of, with a push of a button.

Step 2: Making the Silicone Mold

The box is made of two parts. It was extremely easy to make the silicone mold for the small part of the "Ring-Box Ring". For the big part I made the mold in two layers with a small hole on top for pouring the resin.

Step 3: Resin Casting

Having the molds prepared, I used polyurethane resin for making the actual boxes. In the end they were light, easy to sand and very, very resistant.

Step 4: "Ring-Box Ring" in Action

Here you can see the "Ring-Box Ring" in action. I thoutht it's a great idea so I tryed to sell it, of course, but didn't have much of a success. Jewelry box producers weren't interested in any new ideas. Maybe they thought their products can't get any better. In the end I decided to share it with you guys. Make your own, have fun, but never try to sell it as your own idea. It brings bad luck! Please share this instructable.



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I dont see why people wouldnt buy it this is awesome!

Sorry, my words were a little ambiguous. I meant I tryed to sell the idea, you know, like inventors do, and make millions of dollars (in IT they do)

good idea ;)

That's pretty freaking cute. Thanks for sharing!

I only have one size for it. Try to make one for your ring.

This idea is amazing, you may not have been able to sell the idea, but it is actually very rare for inventors to completely sell there ideas! The best thing to do is patent your idea (If you have the spare money too), then sell these on craf driven sites such as Etsy. Once companies see a market for them, you can then release the PATENT to other companies, giving them the rights to produce your idea, with you making a pretty penny on the side. It is because when you patent your idea, you own explicit rights to it, but other companies interested in making it either have to tweak it, or buy the rights to it. By selling it on sites such as Etsy, you bring a following in which would bring promise company good results if they were to buy the rights to the idea.

I am looking at this and realized i would DEFINITELY buy this product. I would love to see this in production and if you are interested in patenting it, there are some resources i could shoot over to you on private message.

Inventor's never sell their ideas, only the patent. Otherwise companies will just steal the idea and patent it for their own use.

I hope i gave some helpfull info!