Step 4: Step Ahead

Round broad shoulders

As I was going along I knew I had to round out the top. So I said, if the RoboGnome wasn't going anywhere it might as well be used as a cookie jar. So I made it with a removeable top.

Take a strip of cardboard and make it fit inside the body tube. Staple it to form a ring. Draw a line around it after it has been pushed down enough to form the lip of your jar lid.

Take the ring and trace a cardboard circle. Make a bigger circle around it and cut it to look like a turbofan blade. Bend the tabs inward to form the gluing surface. Push this disk into your ring and glue in at the line to form the robot head platform.

Robot Head

Create a boxy form for the robot head. The height of the head should include the height of the rounded shoulder part. Create and glue on other details such as the eyes, earmuffs, 3 body buttons, and body slot.
Start bending strips of cardboard to attach as the superstructure of the rounded shoulders. I like to fill in the voids with scrap cardboard for more support.

Make some forms for the gnome beard and pointy hat.

Nice gnome!
You too. Where can I get a cool car like that?
You always have the best Instructables Robot instructables. That's really cool! 5 stars and I'm definetly making this!
It should look like this. Haha.
Hmm, looks like it needs no shirt. a white mask, and a KFC bucket... Maybe even a Buckethead Custom Les Paul... :O
Robot went to Instructables Headquarters and all it brought back was this l0u53y shirt! :P
How did you make that? Printed or drawn? Nicely done, but I prefer KFC buckets, white masks, and guitars. Hahaha, I ate KFC today. :P
I took the Joe Rules pic and overlaid the text with copied sections of the T-shirt to erase the text. I then used Photoshop to smudge or blend in the rough edges and then replace the text and shape it so it looks 3-D and added the pointing finger graphic. The original was a piece of paper that I wrote the words in marker and taped to a baby-sized T-shirt that the Robot is wearing.
Ah, nicely done. Looks like it was printed on the shirt.
Maybe you can get them to add it to the Instructables Shirt Store or else the "I waited in line 3 days for the new Instructables Book and I didn't get one!" shirt for you...haha...
Oh hardy har har!!!!!!!!! I'll get one. Oh yeah, here's something for you.
Here is my bucket, short and stout, Here is my drumstick, watch me pout... Haha!
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Caitlinsdad-is-asking-for-it/?comments=all#CBTUPSIFI50YH0L">Keep laughing.</a><br/>
Haha. I beg to differ. I'd say that the shirt is an important part. Lol.
Now that's just too cool! I'm heading out to the recycling bin now!
Yay! Robot is being cloned... (Go ahead, it OK to grab the pic if you want it for your avatar or something)
Haha, sweet. Thanks!
I'm working on mine right now, and I'd just like to add one thing. If you don't have enough cardboard at your house you can go down to the local hardware store and ask them if you can have some of the extra stuff they have. They normally have a lot extra from shipments (at least they do where I live).
Dang, I thought you wouldn't make fun of me, until I saw the last image and the GorillazMiko glue part. Still, nice Instructable, but I'm too lazy to do this now that school's out. Skating is much funner. :P +5/5 stars. (added to favorites)
Dude, make sure you wear a helmet...a real one. Have a fun and safe summer.
I was skating yesterday and I fell badly. Scraped up my knee badly, lots of blood, my jeans got all ripped, my wrist got messed up &amp; stuff...<br/><br/>And I was wearing my Robot shirt.<br/><br/>I landed on my hands, stomach, and knees..<br/><br/>This is what happened:<br/><br/>I was skating. The floor was lopsided like this <sup>----</sup>-----. See the middle breaking point? I didn't see that, so my trucks went right there, and I was going <em>fast</em>. The board STOPPED and I flew forward right away, and when I was in the air, I said the F word REALLY LOUDLY... I landed on my stomach, knees, and hands (and my wrist, unfortunately, which kind of fractured it). The first thing I thought was: oh man the robot is probably all scratched and stuff now!! But then I looked and it was still good. Then I realized how much pain I was in and stuff and just started cussing a lot. Then I had to limp back to my dads work (just around the corner). I looked just like House. Dr. Gregory House. Yeah...<br/><br/>Well, that's the 411 of my life... (just kidding).<br/><br/>Ahhhh, summer is fun. I might go skating again today, but I probably won't do too much to die. If I die, who would you make fun of?<br/>
As long as the Robot was okay. Dude, try a safer sport.....like skydiving or something.
Hmm, no thanks. Skateboarding is life.
+1 vote.
Ok, this is adorable. Really. It hurts. Too cute.
Hahahahahahahahaha at caitlinsdad's comment to your comment that I'm replying to.<br/><br/>It looks like <em>everybody</em> wants the<br/><h2>PLUSHIE.</h2>
Thanks, I am honored by your fanciful comment.<br/><br/>Is where I have to say:<br/><h2>PLUSHIE!</h2>
Ha ha ha, this is awesome! I might make one of these. 5/5 stars and fav'd How long have you been working with paper and cardboard construction? the detail you went into with the cardboard was nice. After you applied the paper it really looks good. Nice Job!
Here we put paper/paper products out for recycling only once a week. Since I am constantly working on the house, empty boxes build up so I might as well make something with them. White glue is cheap but I prefer my woodworking glues for the better tackiness and quicker drying. Gorillazmiko glue is fun to work with also. I've seen other stuff on laminated cardboard so I tried it out and it really works. There is less mess involved except for that paper lint and no need to make noise with power tools. Definitely kid-friendly except for an occasional paper cut.
I saw Gorilla Glue at The Home Depot yesterday..
That's great! Job well done! Hahahahaha!
Thanks, it looks like it just got featured by The Man. Note to self: Self, make more fun of his Ericness.
Nice, very nice.. That's terrific detail you have gone into. Those buttons and robots right hand in the picture look very 2d/3d. My brain is having issues deciding if it is a picture or and object. Interesting.
And the eyes seem to follow you as you move about the room.... Thanks. The outlines on the buttons and hands done with a black marker make it pop out even more. It is afterall a poseable 3-D action figure with moveable arms.
You might need these for the 3-D effect...
Those really are great, do they really work.
These really work. We haven't perfected our giant X-ray specs though. This was her latest science fair project. You can get colored acetate at art supply stores. The frame is made from laminated corrugated cardboard cut from boxes. Just draw a big eyeglass shape and overlap the small pieces to fit. Cover everything and the raw edges with paper scraps peeled from the cardboard. It gets real strong and doesn't flex after about 3 or 4 layers. You can view any anaglyph 3-d red/blue image. These are huge and if you put your face up to the middle, it is just enough to see without obstruction. By the way, there is nose hair in the nostrils made with black yarn that hangs like a mop inside for those who need to touch the paper mache nose.
Those really are pretty sweet, but can you make this? Love how you have the nose hair by the way.
Haha, we though about that but we had a real serious science fair project to do. The nose hair was probably on the edge.
How did guys do. Did you place?
First place, I'll have you know <sub>pats self on back but don't you hate when other kids' parents help out but that is the way it should be...</sub><br/><br/>There was no real competition to speak about every year so we do this really for the fun of it and to learn something.<br/>
Other pix <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/community/Whats-your-Science-Fair-project/">here</a>.<br/>
Nice job, I haven't done paper mache in years. I just might try this.
Use the comics from the Sunday paper as your last layer. It will make things colorful. Don't use the glossy ads as that paper doesn't soak up the glue as well. Have fun!
I love how you made this into a Gnome, looks great. I will have to put this on hold thought just because I am working on to many different things.
I'm not really obsessed with the robot. It provides a great theme to work with everytime they run a new contest. If they start a new contest then I have to put up an entry just for the fun of it. And it is a challenge to poke fun of GorillazMiko since he slowed down in his old age or somebody else who is famous...haha.
Lol, I have noticed how much of GorillazMiko you put in there.
Hahah Very Nice !! and very funny captions too :D
Thanks. Your <a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables-Robot-Paper-Model/">paper model robot</a> seems to be much easier to pack in a suitcase though...<br/>

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