Hey Guys not long ago we talked about the differences between sandwiches, a sandwich is just a sandwich, The Manwich is a sandwich for men, but the Roelwich... well that's a sandwich for kings.

We want to teach you guys a way to stay on top of your healthy habits with your economic standings!We Learned how to do this back in college when we looked for cheaper more affordable ways to stay alive with as little money as possible.

What we came up with was the Roelwich, a sandwich that had about 3-4 servings of food in just one sandwich.

With that said, we hope ya'll enjoy making, and gulping down this piece of art of a sandwich :)

The video bellow actually goes over the making process if you don't have the time or dont want to read over our instructable.

Step 1: Ingredients!

This is actually fairly simple to make and very cheap. The ingredients you will use for your sandwich are going to be different than ours. You may or may not have what we had in college. Or you may have bread, ham, or chicken readily available to you at your disposal. We however.... we had to struggle for such commodities =(

You will need the following:

Two Burger Buns
Two Eggs

I'm not even hungry and want to eat one right now! lol
Killer breakfast sandwich is right! I'll admit, it's very creative, BUT, the saturated fat content, not to mention the sodium and refined carbs are, well, off the charts. I hope this is a once-in-a-while meal, not a regular occurrence.
Does sound yummy
That's a no no to use metal utensils with Teflon cookware.
HM-Innovations Self-marketing. Boooo.
aww sad face :( thats not nice for you to say ='( I however, think your instructables were great :) Keep up the good work =]
Yet, you didn't tell me it wasn't? Now, that isn't nice. Marketing strategies aren't what instructables are about. We are here to encourage and share DIY projects for the benefit of all, not some bottom line of a company trying to exploit the platform.
Oh i read it wrong, I read it as HM-Innovations Self-Making... Booo! - sorry And no I dont own a company at all, I use a video hosting website called Blip.tv I use them to host videos on my actual site (where i have advertising.) The video hosting service by blip.tv is by far better, and offers more control to the user by being able to modify their players than several other video hosting sites. However, since I DO make money from my advertisers on my website i cant disable the ads on the videos without making some people mad. I have several affiliates on my site that would not appreciate me taking their ads away. Kind of a draw back for signing contracts :( dont ever do that contracts=bad I'm not trying to exploit the platform in any way shape or form. My instructables are here to teach people how to do things and benefit all of it's members. An ad might be a draw back of my videos but that doesnt mean I dont have great things to teach other people. I'm sorry if i offended you in any way, that was by no means my intention ='(
Sounds reasonable I suppose. Good luck with your business venture.
Sounds reasonable I suppose. Good luck with your business venture.
That sounds like a killer breakfast sandwich...
ive done some weird things with food before, but this is pushing it even for me. i might try it soon just out of curiosity, but i dont think this will be something i make very often... good instructions in the video though.
haha thanks :) and you must definitely try it, trust me when we came up with it, it was just pushing it, but afterward we were pretty surprised at the outcome. Several of our friends now do it too. hey it beats buffalo fried pineapple pieces right? :P
Hmmm, maybe call it the salmonella incubator - make sure your chicken, bacon, and egg are fully cooked.<br> <br> You could fry the bacon first and use the fat drippings to cook your chicken or else pan-fry toast your bread or use it to make a final panini fried sandwich. &nbsp;But that would defeat the purpose of adding additional butter.<br> <br> Yum.&nbsp;
yea we've cooked this in several different ways. Like we said in our instructable your sandwich will be different than ours. But by now we can cook the living life out of this sandwich. haha
I was following along pretty happily until you got to the Ramen noodles - those are a bit scary for a sandwich! Even for a college student.
haha you would be surprised at how great it actually tastes! lol Give it a try :)

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