video The RoseAce project
You may say: Yet another POV display.
And you were right, but this the first one to embed a Gumstix(that is a tiny computer) on its blade: thank to that we are able to connect via wifi to the blade (yes the wifi signal is still received at 1000 rpm!) and so to send any information to the blade. Moreover this Gumstix runs linux so launching any video is as easy as launching any video on your pc. The video flow is just sent to an FPGA which computes in real time, according to the angular position given by a rotary encoder, which LEDs to lighten or not.

Three of us, students from a french school, realized this project in less than three months. If you want to do the same, there much more information on our website
this is really well done! do you think you will be posting this project in step by step form? with circuit diagrams and code?
syract (author)  amandaghassaei2 years ago
Thank you! Yes this is an open source project and everything will be posted on our website soon. (it is waiting for a cleaning step) And we would be ready to help whoever would try to do the same!