Step 10: Construction 4 - fuel supply

Picture of Construction 4 - fuel supply
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This step's all about hooking up the propane to the tube.

First - Teflon tape on the areas where you'll be attaching the tubing is a good idea to make sure you won't have propane leaking. This includes the propane nozzle, the tee connector (if you're using multiple delivery points for fuel), and end of the hose splicer(s) that will connect to the tubing.

Second - Hooking up the fuel is a pretty straight forward process. Simply cut and attach the hose. To do this, you'll want a cup of very hot water close by to soak the ends of the tubing in, this will warm and soften it up so you can easily get it over the connections.
If you're using one entry point for fuel, you'll only have one connection to make right now, if you're using a tee connector for two entry points, connect both ends to connector, and to the Rubens' Tube.