Step 5: Materials and Tools

Picture of Materials and Tools
The materials required to build this Rubens' Tube are fairly inexpensive, most of which can be found on Amazon.com, or your local hardware store. Note that some of the recommended are not identical to the parts that I've used, they will however, serve the same, or superior function to what I've used. That being said, the materials you use, and the build process is extremely flexible and forgiving.

Building Materials:
Ventilation Ducting Amazon
Ducting used for HVAC, though any thin-walled metal pipe should work. My tube uses 4 inch ducting, I'd imagine success using anything from 2, to 6 inch material.
Amazon has a number of other products that should work. Something to consider is that if you use a large tube (in both length and diameter), you'll be dealing with more volume, which will result in taking more time to "prime" your tube. See step 13 for details.

Brackets x2 Amazon
These are brackets used for the supporting the ducting. Obviously the same size as the above ducting. (I used brackets which were an inch larger in diameter for buffering, however, in retrospect, I do not believe this is necessary)

Propane Amazon
This is the fuel source. Anything with a valve so you can turn it off and on safely should work.

Tubing Amazon
Nothing too insightful here, 1/4 inch inner diameter, or whatever fits your fuel source.

Hose T Connector Amazon
I used brass, but something like this would work fine.

Hose Splicers x2 Amazon
Used for fuel delivery. This will work much better than the small piece of copper tubing I used.

Latex Sheets Amazon
This will serve as our diaphragm. I used polyethylene sheeting, however, latex should perform much better as it's thinner and more pliable, but either will work and it just goes to demonstrate the flexibility of the build.

Scrap Wood

Tools and Supplies:
Drill Amazon
You'll also need a 1/4 inch bit and a bit between 1/16 and 1/32 Amazon

Hammer Amazon

Tape Measure Amazon

Knife or Scissors Amazon

Silicone Sealant Amazon

Epoxy Putty Amazon

Duct Tape Amazon

Masking Tape Amazon

Teflon Tape Amazon

Various hardware for attaching the brackets to your wooden base. Simple wood screws should work fine. A nail or similar may be needed for pre-drilling. And finally some hot water for working with the tubing.

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