Picture of The SOUP Gun (Super Oodammo Uber Pistol)
Weird name ya I know.

Large mag
65-70 foot range flat
Great handle.


Step 1: The Parts

Picture of The Parts

Step 2: The handle

Picture of The handle

Step 3: The Mag

Picture of The Mag

Step 4: The Gun

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knexboy5862 years ago
is this gun edible
Cheezpaper4 years ago
I actually thought that this was a device designed to shoot semi-thick edible liquids (soup) at a designated target.

I feel so disappointed.
stopanator5 years ago
i want soup.....
zchan11205 years ago
182515 (author)  zchan11205 years ago
Is this really that hard to make?
You don't give Instructions for the thingy that hits the ammo, the trigger, or the mag pusher.
MiniBr1t5 years ago
do u need the ball socket connectors or are they just for comfort
182515 (author)  MiniBr1t5 years ago
Just comfort
An Villain5 years ago
Yes, this gun is beautiful.
heatblast5 years ago
mmmm........SOUP. XD
Looks quite nice.
182515 (author)  erikos kostarikos5 years ago
LOL on my reply page it says htat you comented 8 seconds ago. : )

Probably because he did? -_-
No problem. : )
Seleziona5 years ago
Whoa, just looked at this again, and it has really bad band placement.
182515 (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
Actually i found that that was the best placement for them. The blue rod at the back keeps the bands from banding the ram much.
Oh, okay...
knexguy5 years ago
Is that 65-70 foot up to the point when the oodammo hits the floor? 

The one problem I've had with that type of loading mechanism is that sometimes the ram blows the whole front of the weapon off; has this happened to you?
182515 (author)  knexguy5 years ago
the rod that the oodammo slides on is not touching the piece of oodammo that will be fired,  so the ram cant blow the front off
knexguy 1825155 years ago
The problem I had was that the ram kept hitting the second piece of oodammo on the way past, and so kept blowing the front off.  Good to know you avoided the problem though.
182515 (author)  knexguy5 years ago
Are you saying that that happend with this gun or another one?
knexguy 1825155 years ago
Another one, my USP to be exact.
I wonder how this happens?  It seems to be happening when I rebuilt my Jackal v4 too, except the front doesn't explode because I reinforced the mag with tape, the mag just tilts forward and makes ammo fly out.
I think it is because the pin isn't at the very top of the barrel when it hits the oodammo, and so it hits (or even just clips) the second one to load and blows the mag off.
TD suggested that mag friction had something to do with it.  He said that if the first one got hit the friction would drag on the second one below it.
Maybe, but i doubt it would be able to pull the second one off a rod that is through it :s
182515 (author)  knexguy5 years ago
I found that the first piece of oodammo is still touching the mag rod sometimes.
 This happened to me when I first made Mr. Happy, the oodammo clings only the slightest bit of the first oodammo piece. and the whole front goes off. But the second and third bullet have a bit of space on the bottom so it allows for the ram bit to not touch the piece.
knex_mepalm5 years ago
 Super Oodammo Uber is super Pistol
so SOSP Super Oodammo super pistol
An Villain5 years ago
~KGB~5 years ago
nice job!
182515 (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
~KGB~ 1825155 years ago
no problem!
Vynash5 years ago
Very nice 4 1/2 stars!
182515 (author)  Vynash5 years ago
Vynash 1825155 years ago
~Aeronous~5 years ago
lol I like the name xD
5rstars, I might build soon!
and Good Job xD
182515 (author)  ~Aeronous~5 years ago
Thanks : )
no worries! what new stuff are you going to make next?
DJ Radio5 years ago
I like the design and the trigger.  Good job.  The only thing I don't like is the reload.  Make it use stripper clips or tiltmags or something lol.
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